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Wednesday, November 11

Spoon Mirror Tutorial

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Welp it's Hump-Day again. And we are getting closer and closer to the holidays. So if you've been keeping up with me over the past few posts I've talked about my charity Poupadupa's House. You can read more about here.

However, on Instagram about a week ago I posted this picture of a spoon mirror I created for a kitchen nook. I received an overwhelming response and people wanted a tutorial. So you're getting the deets today!

As you know I'll be creating some amazing home makeovers this Christmas for families in need pro bono. And the spoon mirror will be one of them. It's really easy and cost under $10 bucks to make! Cool right.

Here's what you'll need:
  1. Spoons – I used 4 bags Purchased from the Dollar Tree
  2. Hot Glue Gun and sticks
  3. Spray Paint
  4. Cardboard or foam core – Used as backing for the spoons
  5. Styrofoam – Purchased from the Dollar Tree
  6. Round Mirror- Purchased from the Dollar Tree

Step 1. Break the tips off spoons (see left pic).

Step 2. Cut your foam core board to the size you want your mirror to be and trace out the mirror in the center of the board.

The size of the board can be any shape.  I used a square about 22" on all for sides.  However, I made this before and just cut out a round circle.

Step 3. Hot glue the round styrofoam to the center in the back of the foam core board.  Later you will use this to hang your mirror to the wall.

FYI:  This project is so easy to do while you're watching tv or sipping on a glass of red.  As you can see I'm doing Lol.

Step 4. Glue round tips of spoon around the outline of the mirror you traced.  Repeat until done by gluing spoons in a circular motion around each row.

This is what the complete mirror will look like after you have glued all of the spoon tips to the board.

Tip:  Remove all of the dried glue strings and then you're ready for the next step.

Step 5. Spray Paint & Enjoy
Tip: To hang simply place a small nail in the wall and push your spoon mirror directly onto the nail.
Easy breezy right?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Want more check out a previous post using the same styrofoam to create a s$2.50 Starburst mirror here.

The possiblities are endless check out these mirrors as well.

Image:Tutorial Click Here


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