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Wednesday, March 26

Part 3 of the Mini Living Room Makeover- The Sofa

The Sofa
We have arrived part 3 of the Mini Living Room Makeover.  If you haven't seen parts 1 &2 click here and here. So I've been saying over the past few days... Would you spend $50.00 for these items?
Yes we went from Blah...Haaa.. Haaa.  Toooo Yassss Maam!

Yippee finally the Gem of the room! Yep isn't she just gorgeous... Well I scored this beauty off my local Craigslist in the FREE section. Yep that's right Free! Well moms wasn't here so I couldn't get her approval. But I could hear her now saying lol, “That's Hideous!” and point taken it is. But inspiration from all around was coming to me. The lines on this beauty were so clean! I could just about scream! Singing “so fresh and so clean clean” lol.

Well to my amazement the sofa was totally.... I mean totally Down stuffed! Yep meaning the stuffing used on all of the cushions and pillows were filled with down feathers! Ha. I could only think about what she originally sold for. I'm sure it was for a nice piece of change.

Materials needed:
Staple Gun
Nail head Trim (again I cheated here.. I used thumb tacks from the Dollar Tree)

Ok so I got right down to work. You know to create an amazing piece it's all about the details. The color, textures and well finishing details. 

I didn't want to go over board and my shopping for the right fabrics began. I used 3 different fabrics. The fabric for the overall sofa was one piece. I used a medium grey fabric. It appeared to be on the less satiny side, but it gave a great sheen. The 2nd piece of fabric was a micro suede lighter grey with more of a matte sheen to it. I used it on all of the cushions. And finally the 3rd piece was a grey & white quatrefoil fabric. Which was used for the some of accent pillows.

    1.  Remove all of the old fabric. (You may want to cut it carefully to reuse as a guide- but I didn't)
    2. Measure your fabric for each piece of the sofa. My sofa has 4 sides most of them do. When measuring I went from front to back or right to left (however, you understand it) 

Ex. The arm has 2 parts=1 side: the inside where you would sit against and the out side (see pic). I chose to use the same fabric on all of those sides.

  1. Once your fabric is cut start from the inside areas of the sofa stapling against the wood. This would be the areas where you stick your hand and find all of the missing items you have been looking for... ie.. change, comb, remote control.. Yes there... feel for the piece of wood.. which you should be able to see at this point, if the batting isn't covering it. Well staple along that piece for each of the 4 sides. * keeping in mind work one section at a time tho.. So if you start on the arm first like I did finish that arm.

To finish that arm pull your fabric over to the outside portion of the arm making sure the fabric is nice and tight. And Began stapling under the bottom of the sofa.

4.  Trim your edges if needed. I chose to staple my edges but mainly used my nail trim (thumb tacks) to secure it.

Once you have completed all 4 sides the hard part is over Phew! For the skirt portion of the sofa.  I removed it entirely with no plans to replace it.  By doing so my legs are now exposed. Which I like.  It brings it back to the modern day. For the this portion I stapled my fabric to the bottom of the sofa and stitched the fabric on top where the cushions will lay.  Don't worry about the stitching because the seat cushions will cover it.  

By now-your hands might hurt some from the stitching and stapling especially if you're not using an air stapler. 

5.Now it's time for the cushions. For me at the time I recovered this sofa I wasn't sure how to make box cushions. So I laid them all together in a row and measured. I made one Big pillow case. Slid them in and I was done.
6. Additional pillows (for the back of the sofa). To complete my pillows which was the easiest part I simply made pillow covers for them as well.

7. Ok in step 4 I talked about the nail head trim (thumb tacks). Once the sofa was completed I added the tacks to the arms. I simply used a hammer and the tack. I didn't have a guide. I just eye balled it to my liking.

Here again is the completed sofa! Boy isn't she a beauty! Yep Yep!

So I say for last and finally time... Well what about now.. Would you buy them now??

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