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Sunday, July 10

$2.50 Sunburst Mirror

Hi there!  Today I want to talk about decorating your walls expensively!! Yeaa

Ok so.. In our Atlanta Studio I have draped the walls with fabric, applied modern stainless steel panels, and adhesive stencils to the wall.

Here at our family home in Chattanooga I have recently added starburst mirrors, painted stripes and wall ledges.

Materials (many I already had)
$.97 bamboo sticks (walmart)
$1 mirror (dollar tree)
$1 styrofoam (dollar tree 2na pack!)
$1 smaller mirrors (optional purchased from Joanns)
glue gun n sticks
spray paint

So first off I want to talk about how I created this purty sunburst mirrors.  I found the inspiration from
The first mirror here was made for $2.50.. Woot!
(For this mirror I only had to buy the skewers, mirror and styrofoam)

Now this is very easy to make that a caveman can do it..ha
1.  Arrange skewers around the circle styrofoam.  ( I just pushed them right thru...hint u might want to hot glue them if you want)
2.  Then spray paint
3.  Glue mirror to styrofoam
4.  Finally, hang it!
Just add paint!Picture
To hang:
Hammer a small name into the wall, then push the sunburst mirror onto it.  It's just that easy..Now if you add the smaller mirrors: just glue them onto the sticks in your desired order. 

This mirror was made the same as the first I only purchased purple spray paint and additional smaller mirrors.

1 comment:

  1. I Love It!! Thats a great thrifting piece and it looks genuinely good for any space. I will put this too the test Yes Yes :)



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