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Monday, November 9

Hollywood Regency Inspired Sliding Doors

Hey yall! Hope you guys had a Wonder-Full weekend. For the past few post I've been getting you up to speed on what I was doing over the summer
As well as, the Free Makeover service I'm doing with Poupadupa's House.  You can read more about it here. Now today I want to talk to you about an update that I did in my home over the last couple of weeks.
First off I want to start with some hideous sliding doors that I repainted. Yea you guessed it they were Ug Ga Lee! I really didn't like the original stain/color because it was just to dark.

And for me it just made me more sad every time my eyes glanced at them. Now don't get me wrong I love the functionality of the doors. But that color... Geez
You know what I did right? Right! Primed and painted them a nice glossy white. Ok so these doors can be seen while you're in my living room and they lead to the master. Well I took my handmade Mr and Mrs stencil and added that touch.
I love the outcome but I still felt like I was missing something. Now I've seen designs in the Hollywood Regency style and I really loved them. So.....
I ran to the nearest store and purchased this gold adhesive tape.  It only cost $2.99 from Staples and made by Sctoch.  I think it's my new best friend too. 
This tape is very shiny with a mirror like finish not only that it's very forgiving too. As I chatted on the phone with my baby sister, this is the design I free-formed around the Mr and Mrs.
What do you think I'm so in love!
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