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Saturday, March 14

Spring Pillows

Spring is in the air!  New pillows available in my Etsy shop @
 Hand-Made pillow covers with zippers or envelope closures.

 P.S I diy'd these end tables from IKEA doors.  Stay tuned for a tutorial!

Sunday, March 1

Sublime Home Curbside Diy Dresser

Where Am I?  Hey I'm here right now... But I promise who knows where I'll be later.. So make sure you're following me there too..

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Guess what I want to start a series which would be ongoing that focuses on some of the many treasures I find on the curb.  I'll call it Sublime Home Curbside Diy.  We all see them... We'll slow down, weave up and down the street, shout "OMG pull over" at the person driving.  Yea that just means you've found an awesome find on the side of the road. Right? Right!  
Now if you've been following me on my Instagram (@SublimeHome) or Facebook (@SublimeDesignHome) you may have already seen some of my Curbside Diy projects already.  So today I'll show you one of my lastest projects!  

 BEAUTIFUL RIGHT?  Ah... It didn't start out that way... No Sir Re-buddy it didn't! Lol.
 But that's the beauty in it right!  Well for me it is. It might now be that piece that everyone will google at... Well obviously because its on the side of the road.  And if anyone in there right mind would knew that, then it wouldn't be any curbside furniture...... 
 Just waiting.... And.... waiting... Yep just for us!  See It just called out to me... Lol. Not actually.  Now that you've seen the before would you have picked it up or kept it moving?
 Yep this hideous piece of beauty was a great score! Made from solid wood, with 9 drawers and the handles just scream Oh my Goodness in a good way of course.  If any thing else I would have just taken them off and kept it moving.
Here's a before and after shot...

Now during each post depending on my time, I may add a brief account of what I did to it.. So today, It's your day because I have a little more insight for ya.
The handles look to have been a brass.  But because of all the aging of them; just weren't that shiny brass I wanted.  So I tried to clean them and soak them and polish them... But none of that worked.  So when all else fails... just spray paint!  Once that was done I started my painting process.  Now I have several tutorials on my paint process when it comes to these things.  You can click here to see my most recent.

Let me just add: Not all of the curbside items are in perfect condition.  Hence the white wood you see in the photo.  Yes the frame was missing from but the door that went there was still with the dresser.  So I just cut two other pieces and screwed them in.  Once painted you couldn't ever tell the difference.
  Here is a clip of me me spraying the dresser with my spray gun.  I love this thing!  Got it for Christmas a few years back and it's still going strong!  (purchased from Harbor Freight for under $30 too)
  I added another coat of paint and I didn't use any primer this time.  
 Can you see a difference in the doors?
Me either!  So what do you think, is this a keep driving sorta find or 
 a "OMG stop!" kinda piece?


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