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Monday, January 12

Up-cycled Sewing Table

Guess what?  I have a very simple Diy project for you today.  It's so simple even a non Diy'er can do it!  So I'm calling this one a "You can do it Diy table."  It's so versatile and be used in small spaces as well as a variety of different uses.  So here's the skinny... It's really a re-purposed sewing machine table.  When I purchased it the machine had already been removed.  So all I did was remove the remaining pieces on the inside.
What you'll need:
Knobs (Hobby Lobby)
Screws (optional)
Total cost for was $10! Woot!

In all the hustle and bustle I forgot to take a before pic.  But it was very similar to this one..
The table was purchased from a second hand store for a whopping $4.00!

I cleaned it up a bit and lightly sanded it.  It was wiped down and then painted white.  I used crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby (purchased 50% off.)

I screwed the top of the table from underneath with 2 screws to keep it from opening.  *Note if you want to use the inside maybe to store items or as an foldable beverage cart then don't screw the top down.  But make sure you paint the inside of it too.
And Viola.. You have a completed product.  Now the question is?? Do you think you can do it? Or have you beat me to the punch already? If so I would love to see it!

Thursday, January 1



HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It's always nice to be able to shout those words.  After all, we have alot to shout about...  Like still being able to say those words and just as importantly.... You being able to read them.  Now that we have that out... I've been away for some time.  But what I've notice is sometimes... just sometimes... Life Just Happens.  So if you're still out there reading this, well it's a New Year so let's continue.

Let's just jump right in shall we!  For this year I would like to be a little more steady with the blog.  Yay!  Meaning you will get to see more of Sublime Home consistantly throughout the year.  My plan is to blog at least get twice a month.  And when life allows a little more down time... Well guess what?  I'll add more..

AND.... If I'm not here you can always find me somewhere.  You know how that is...  One baby may gets more time than the other.  So Follow Me here:

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On To The Next:

Check out a few of the things I did in 2014.....

So...  You can read several tutorials if you missed them here on the blog...  Thanks for spending a few moments with Sublime Design Home!  Stay tuned for more Diy Tutorials in 2015!

Tuesday, July 8

$10 Ottoman made from a Coffee Table

Happy Tuesday!  So I decided to make and ottoman from a coffee table.
  But instead of muah giving you all the juicy details in print. I decided to make a video! Woot!  Now I must WARN you it its pretty lengthy but you can always fast forward, pause and rewind-Lol! Hope you enjoy...
I would love you hear your thoughts and thanks for watching!

Thursday, July 3

Sublime Home Goes Boutique-ish (Zgallery Inspired)

Hey you so Glad you haven't abandoned me.  I've been working... Yes working really hard! On what? Well for the past year I've had a really small boutique (which was a shared space with other vendors).. Like Really small. The size of one room small.  Ok so you get my drift. Within the past few months I've been looking into relocating into another building that I could call all my own. Woot! 

Soooo the day finally came... Hence the working and working and working.  Not only that I've found another super woman outside myself... He He He. And we'll be combining our super powers.  My partner Kristie sells vintage/new jewelry and purses. I'll be selling new/used/curated/hand-made home accessories and furniture.  It's all coming together now and We'll be ready to open next week! Yea Us!

With all of that out of the way I wanted to show you a few pics of the store in progress. The store is one big open space which has been divided into 4-5 sections.  We've focused on color blocking each section (sort of what you see at Zgallery). So if a section is black and white.. then many of the items we carry in that area of the boutique will be in those colors.
Seeeee this area we're focusing on earth tones.  Yea it's so neat and I'm loving it!  Not only that we wanted to use different and unique ways to display the jewelry outside the standard display cabinets right.  So you know where I headed to for inspiration.. Yep you guest it! Pinterest of course.
In the first and third pic we used an old mantle looking shelf and added a few nails (which will turn into crystal knobs later) and a paper mache` hand to display some jewelry pieces.  Thanks Pinterest!

This is one of my favorites because it's basically a free display.  All you need is a book, fold the pages into the bind and your done! Yep to easy right. Well don't forget to drape the jewelry across it.  In these two pics one book is a dictionary and the other was a wedding book. Humph!

Yep Love shelf .. not as easy as the book display but it's truly awesome. You can read the full tutorial here. Thanks Pinterest! Now not shown in the pic below but in the fourth pic I added an empty frame.  It's life span only had two options to come home with me or be trashed.  Couldn't let that happen.. Added a coat of Rustoleum silver metallic spray paint and this girl was happy!
 Now accessories and you're done.
And let's see what else...
Oh last but definitely not least the natural spheres.  This project was pretty easy as well.  I used basket weaving material (purchased at a thrift $.50) and thumb tacks.
These are really easy do it yourself projects that can easily be incorporated into your Sublime Home.  
Almost forgot... I also Diy'd that tripod floor lamp. Woot! 
What have you tried lately?

Tuesday, June 10

$10 Headboard-Revisited

Hey peeps so I've been away for awhile but I'll have some exciting news to share in the next few weeks!  In the meantime I wanted to revisit a post from several years back.  Why would I want to do that? Well in the past few weeks I've noticed a video I posted to Youtube now has over 300,000 VIEWS!! Yay Me!.  So without further adue.... Headboard take your place... hehe

Originally Posted on April 30, 2011....

As you may know this week I had the pleasure of volunteering on a project with Room Service Atlanta.   I worked with a designer/blogger Nikki McNeil and blogger/thrifter LaKeitha Duncan on recreating a space at a shelter The Nicholas House for the residents there.  
The rooms turned out Great!  I also made a headboard for blogger LaKeitha over at Home to 3 Duncan Boys.  So I thought I would share how you can create your own!
So here is what you will need....

Wood- cut size to your size
Fabric- alternatives drapes, sheets
Foam- try using mattress pads
Staple or glue gun

Many of this items you may already own.  Think creatively!! 


1.  Cut wood and foam to desired length
2.  Cut fabric 3-4 inches wider than wood
3.  Start in the middle of board and staple or glue down a section of the fabric to the wood.
4.  Move to the opposite sides of the board and pull tightly and repeat step 3.
5.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 on all 4 sides of the board.  Occasionally view front of the headboard to make sure the fabric is tightly wrapped (free of wrinkles).
6.  Continue stapling or gluing all for sides until the entire board has been completed.

Visit the Video Blog tab at the top of this blog for more ideas!!!  And  if Want to show off your headboard shoot me an email...

 Thanks again to all of our gracious Sponsors and anyone who has contributed to this project!!

Monday, May 19

Mirror Furniture My Way

Okay so if you don't know already I am overly obsessed with mirrors! I love them really in any form or fashion. 
So in the next few weeks I'm going to try and recreate several pieces of mirrored furniture. If you are on Instagram (and following SublimeHome) you may have seen that I posted this picture. 
Well my inspiration came from a Pinterest picture that I believe originated from HGTV. 
Isn't she a beauty!!
So my plans for this beauty is to clean it up really well, paint it white and have some mirror cut to size to go on the doors.
As you can see it is missing a drawer. I plan on making that extra storage by adding a shelf.  As for the round circles well I have something very creative up my sleeve.  So you'll have to check back for the tutorial! 
I've also seen coffee tables and end tables like these. And through my adventurous thrifting hunts I have compiled several pieces of square mirror tiles that are all the same size. 
So you know what that means. Yep that's it .... I'm going to diy some end tables which I think are fairly easy to make. Can't wait for the tutorials? Well check out these 2 mirrored pieces here and here that I created using Dollar Tree materials.

What do you think? 
Have you done any mirrored pieces recently?
I would love to see them.


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