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Poupadupa’s House

 Hi, my name is AprilDenise and I am a designer-a-holic.  I live, breath and sleep design.  I am an Interior Designer who wants to give back to those in need.  I have started a design charity called Poupadupa’s House.  This charity organization will benefit families whom have been through some sort of life tragedy.  It could be from missed place disasters, illness or lack of work just to name a few.  My heart is large but my purse can't keep up with it.  

I'm on a mission to help others in this arena that cannot afford to hire a designer with the design of their home.  I want to contribute my time and ideas 24 hours a day everyday.  Realistically,  I cannot do this alone.  So I am asking for any contributions.

What I want to accomplish:

To help a minimum of 6 families this year with one room in their home.
What to expect:
Through Poupadupa’s House I will design rooms and decorate apartments and homes for needy families.  As well as, donate my time to procure and provide “gently used” furniture and furnishings for Poupadupa’s House to use with these families.  I will work with several families in the Atlanta and Chattanooga Areas with designing a space for a minimum of 6 families.
I will utilize inexpensive creative designs along with the donations of furniture/accessories, yard sales and thrifty finds to make their space beautiful.
"Good design is not something off-the-shelf or necessarily one particular style. Rather, it’s an eclectic mix of the high and the low where inexpensive flea market finds and fine antiques can coexist effortlessly." 
Hillary Thomas
You can change lives just by donating any unwanted furniture or furnishings which have been gently used to dramatically change a life!  If you would like to donate look through any items you have and start thinking about which ones you'd like to donate.

Here are some ways to contribute:

Monetary Donations 
Example:  A donation of $5 bucks can help make a bed!  Walmart has $5 sheets.  But if you're feeling very generous a donation of $20 can help make four beds. 
Store Gift Cards
Example:  Do you have a Home Depot or Lowe's gift card that you really don't have a use for at the moment?  A donated home improvement gift card could help purchase paint or primer!
Visa/Master Debit Cards
Example:  How about a pre-used gift card that has a $7 remaining balance.  Perfect!  It could be used to buy accessories such as pots, pans, silverware, curtains, etc.
Example:  Don't have anything monetary to give?  That's fine as well.  Do you have a skill like sewing or painting?  You can donate your time. 


I would never ask you to give to something that  I wouldn't give to.  I really believe this is a worthy cause because everyone deserves to be happy in their space no matter what the situation maybe.  However, we can help make the next chapter of it better!
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     Thanks for  stopping by Sublime Home.  I am interior designer in Atlanta, Ga and Chattanooga, Tn.   April Denise Designs is an Interior Design firm out of Tennessee. The company was established by April Moseley.  My goal is to provide interior design services at a price anyone can afford.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the University of TN at Chattanooga.  

      My clientele is very diverse with various lifestyles from first time home owners, entertainers, single-multi families, to re-development companies. Unique Illusions is my blog to house all of my ideas. It gives free information on how to decorate, design, deliver and do it yourself on a budget.    


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  1. oh wow! just now seeing this. Looks very similar to something I've seen before;) looking forward to hearing more on your project!



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