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Monday, November 16

Golden Fireplace Update

Oh no! It's Monday... But that's ok I have an easy quick diy project that will totally take your mind off of it! Btw the title really should read Golden Fireplace Update Update.  Lol. Why? Well because I updated it once before when I originally added the rocks.  
You can see the original post here with all the instructions on how to add rocks to your fireplace.  Both updates were pretty simple and yet inexpensive too.

Ok so here's the deal.  I actually gave the entire living room a makeover and wasn't feeling the natural color of the fireplace anymore.  
This update I added color.  And all I did was spray the rocks using Rustoluem gold spray.  As well as, paint the trim white.
I needed something Fan-Tab-U-Lus!! 
 Yummy isn't it? I'm in Love!
Have an Awesome day!



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