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Wednesday, April 2

Black & Gold Desk Makeover

Are you ready? Well here we go!  Several years ago I found a desk (I talked about here).  It was just an old desk.  There was nothing spectacular about. No great bone structure or smooth clean lines.

But, the old ugly desk had me mesmerized by the detailed in the handles.  It really reminded me of the infinity symbol in a way.  Well I pondered about it.. trying think of ways this old boring ugly desk could get a fancy makeover.  

You know what it didn't hit me.  But the handles were really speaking to me.  So I bought it anyways.  Yep and stored it for about 2 years! And finally the rain stopped, clouds parted and the light shown down on me from heaven.  

My inspiration came from near and far.  But I was so infatuated with black... all kinds... flat... shiny.. big... small... Oh and Gold... ahhhh.. Gold.  And there you have it.

So I cleaned the 2 years of dust I added and all the other years before that off.  Lightly sanded it and pull out my flat black paint and a few cans of glossy black spray paint plus a gold.  Purchased a few L brackets and well. u know ... went to town.  And when I came out of that blizzard of a sand storm of dust and paint.  I arrived at this beauty!! 

Ahhhhhh. As tempted as I was (this happens with every piece)  I wanted it!  But know it wasn't for me.  It was all for the sake of the shop... Sublime Home.  So off my little beauty went to be sold in the boutique.  Sold she did within the first 48hrs.

During my mixture of paints and painting I decided to paint the entire piece a glossy black.  The drawers were painted with the flat or matte black.  And to add a touch of time-less elegance I sprayed the handles gold and as well as the L brackets and attached them.

Sniffle... Tear.. oh know I'm not sad... really its just the left over dust.  (in my head I hear the song) "It's she lovely.... Isn't she wonderful... 

 *During my storm one of the handles broke in half.. I was awful sad.  I tryed everything to piece it back together.  But it all failed.  So I mixed it up a tad by adding a crystal on the middle drawer.  There is nothing wrong with a little bling!

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