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Wednesday, April 9

Free Up-cycled Upholstered Dresser

This week I've been talking about up cycling with freebies! If you haven't read the first post on my free vanity go here.

Ok so on to the next... The I have to get rid of this stuff Asap because I'm moving Free stuff!
I got a call from my sister in law who says her granny is moving. 
I was a little hesitant at first because nothing came to me.. no inspiration or anything. I couldn't believe it myself plus it looked kinda kiddish. Well at the last moment I decided to take it as well. At the time I'd been wanting to cover a dresser in fabric so this piece would make a great tester. Yelp! And so it was.... See
I used a crocodile fabric I purchased several months ago from Hancocks Fabrics. At the time I had know idea what I was use it for, but this was the end of the bolt red dot thingy sale. I had just enough to recover the dresser with a little left for a cube table. You can see it here. I'll do a post soon.

Spray Adhesive
Thumb tacks
Staple gun/staples

There was nothing to it really.
  1. Measure and Cut- I measured the top, sides and drawers and cut the fabric to those sizes.
  2. Use glue and Adhere- I used a spray adhesive to apply the glue to the fabric and dresser. Starting in one corner I pressed it down with my hands and smoothed it all the way across the portion of the dresser I was working on.
After using the glue I stapled the top, bottom and sides of the dresser with staples. I did this only on the edges of the dresser(don't worry it can't be seen.) Ex: on the side panel underneath the bottom... were it meets the floor.
See staples at the bottom

3.  Add nailhead- Once again I use thumb tacks as my nail-head trim. If you didn't see the first project (a free sofa) I used them on click here. Using a hammer and cardboard as a guide I just hammered them right in. No Problimo.. Lol
That's all folks! Free Up-cycled dresser. 
Oh and Free Owl and Elephant from my sister in law too! Thanks Jen

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