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Monday, March 31

$22 HomeMade Sunburst Mirror - Revisited

Today I want to revisit the Sunburst Mirror I made over several years ago as a Christmas present to my mom.  I blogged about it here.  

I'll be talk briefly through the steps again with added bonus pictures. So let's get started shall we.  After she received her mirror she wanted two more.  And as of today she still has them in her living room as her only wall decor.

As we all do we find and see things we want.  She loved the look of the mirror similar to the pic above.  I thought I could tackle with no probs!  And I did... It cost less than $30 to recreate.  As we all know buying furniture and accessories can be quite expensive.

Ikea Mirror 

Dollar Tree Mirror Tiles

Materials Needed:                     My Cost:

Circle Mirror (22")                      $9.99 (from Ikea)
12--Rectangular Mirrors (4"X5")  $1 each (Dollar Tree
Glue gun and sticks                    $0.00 (on hand)  

Total $22

Remember it was a Christmas gift and it had some weight to it.


1. Arrange rectangle mirrors around circle so they are more than half way onto the mirror. Make sure each edge of the rectangle mirror touch the edges of the surrounding rectangle mirrors.

2. Once all of the mirror tiles are framed evenly, glue them down with a hot glue gun or mirror glue one by one.

3. You have now completed your mirror. Follow directions that came with the circle mirror to hang.

*To Hang: If you purchase your mirror from Ikea it comes with brackets to hold the mirror on the wall. If not make sure the mirror you purchase does have a wall hanging device! Or you can buy them at Hobby Lobby in the framing section.

She really Loved It!

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