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Thursday, December 30

Christmas 2010- $27 HomeMade Frameless Sunburst Mirror

Ok so we had a wonderful Christmas.  It's snowed all day!!! and Everyone in town was amazed because we rarely see snow but then to have it on Christmas was Beautiful!!

So today I want to talk about one of the Christmas presents I made for my mom.  Which is a Taaa-Daaa... a Frameless Sunburst Mirror.  Now you have to see my inspiration Seeeeee....
Retail Cost $229!!
Now if you watch the video you'll see how I made the mirror as well as my moms reaction....take a look!!

It was a little heavy...

So what do you think?  To leave a comment click the link at the top of the page that says Comment!!  Thanks!

Materials Needed
1--Circle Mirror (22")
12--Rectangular Mirrors (4"X5")
Glue gun and sticks

To Hang:  If you purchase your mirror from Ikea it comes with brackets to hold the mirror on the wall.  If not make sure the mirror you purchase does have a wall hanging device!

1.  Arrange rectangle mirrors around circle so they are more than half way onto the mirror.  Make sure each edge of the rectangle mirror touch the edges of the surrounding rectangle mirrors.
2.  Once all of the mirror tiles are framed evenly, glue them down with a hot glue gun or mirror glue one by one.
3.  You have now completed  your mirror.  Follow directions that came with the circle mirror to hang.


Coming Up......Obessed with Mirrors this season...

...I will show you how to make a Tiled Mirror inspired by the $349Michael Mirror from Zgallery (a Xmas present)
A Gold Square Sunburst Mirror inspired by a Colorsplash Miami!!
(a Xmas present)
as well as
A chandelier also inspired by Zgallerys $349.00Linear Strand Crystal Chandelier.

All mirrors were created under $30!!!  Yippee!!


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