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Tuesday, July 8

$10 Ottoman made from a Coffee Table

Happy Tuesday!  So I decided to make and ottoman from a coffee table.
  But instead of muah giving you all the juicy details in print. I decided to make a video! Woot!  Now I must WARN you it its pretty lengthy but you can always fast forward, pause and rewind-Lol! Hope you enjoy...

Thursday, July 3

Sublime Home Goes Boutique-ish (Zgallery Inspired)

Hey you so Glad you haven't abandoned me.  I've been working... Yes working really hard! On what? Well for the past year I've had a really small boutique (which was a shared space with other vendors).. Like Really small. The size of one room small.  Ok so you get my drift. Within the past few months I've been looking into relocating into another building that I could call all my own. Woot! 


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