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Monday, May 30

Saving a $ Buck Part 3 on Cable

on Entertainment.....

Well when it comes to movie or tv watching I must say I pay for  (this...much...) ($0.00)...
Instead of using cable I cancelled it and I watch tv online or view my local channels.  My mom was at work a few days ago and a co-worker mentioned he cancelled his cable and using the Internet as his alternative.  Mom was so intrigued that she was ready to try it herself. 

Here's an example:

Mom pays $73 a month for cable and $50 for Internet on the go...  She loves watching Hgtv, her soaps, the news and other various shows.. 

1. Cancel the cable
2. Obtain home Internet and PC
    A.  There are a variety of providers that offer Internet service for as low as $19.99 a month (such as
Now that you have Internet and pc you are able to watch many shows online or on your local tv channels for a little of nothing... the pc can connect to your Lcd or Plasma tv plus you're able to watch dvd movies via the pc without needing a dvd player.

Money saving Internet sites (the ones I use most are bolded):

     You can watch 1,000's of shows and movies online for FREE! No
     downloading or subscriptions   

     With Neflix you can also watch 1,000's of movies instantly to your TV via PC or gaming console     
     Xbox, Wii, PS3 with prices starting at $4.99 a month.  There is no limit to how many movies you  
     can watch a month.

3.  There are a variety of other Internet sites that allow you to watch movies for free, with or 
     without subscribing  or just for a low rental fee such as: ---  --- and many others....

You can also buy Blu-Players that will allow you to watch

via wifi reception...

4.   Just by using your Internet connection to watch tv or movies is a great alternative than cable!   
      Many of the shows I like to watch on cable I can view directly from the website. 
my favorites I like to watch             Can be viewed On:

Leverage, Charmed, Dark Blue, The Closer

Secrets of a Stylist, Colorsplash, Design Star

Starz Movies                                           

Meet the Browns, House of Payne, R We There Yet

*If I miss an episode of my fav local shows like Or
The Event, Fringe, No Ordinary Family            their broadcasting channel

 5.  And finally you can always rent a movie from Redbox or the Blockbuster kiosks that are all over town.  You can find these bad boys everywhere McDonald's, Cvs, Walgreen's, Walmart, Gas fueling stations and more.  The best part I like about them is the price 1 whole buckeroo for 1 night... gotta love that!!

They also have free rentals too....for Redbox  try breakroom & Blockbuster try Monday (good on Monday's only)

I would love to hear what you are doing to reduce your TV entertainment?

Friday, May 27

Saving a Buck Part 2

The weekend is here and summer time is around the corner.  Beside that gas right now and then is higher than a mother scooter.. Kay... So here is how I save on Gas!!

I also save on gas buy couponing.  LOL.... You don't believe me do you? I know I know... Here are several ways I save:

1.  Publix grocery store has coupons in there circular that will give you $$ off when purchase $$ so much in groceries.

In this example I made a $25 purchase and got $10 in gas free with the purchase of a gas card.  So I bought a $50 BP gas card and only paid $40 for it..... Beautiful right!! I love it..

Now I have noticed that several stores are teaming up with gas stations to save you money on gas such as $$ cents off. 

 2.  Walmart:  purchase a gift card and receive $.03 off per gallon at any Murphy's Gas Station

     Murphy's is also offering and additional $2.00 any $20 purchase.

Finally if you have any of these stores in your area they are also teaming up!

$.20 off per gallon-Bilo @ Shell Gas

$.03 off per gallon-Walmart @ Murphy Gas

$.10 -$1.00 off per gallon -Kroger's @ Shell and Kroger fueling stations

Free $10 gas card @ CVS with qualifying purchases

So what do you think?  How much have you saved on gas lately?  Do you have any other gas saving tips I would love to here from you!!

Tuesday, May 24

Saving a Buck Part 1

OK so I have been a little busy the past couple of weeks.  I had another short trip back to Miami and I have been back in forth between Chattanooga and Atlanta working on a few projects.  But in between traveling I have been able to save a few $$$Bucks.  So I decided to do a series on how I save.  Today is part one of many.

Throughout the series of post I will be talking to you about shopping with coupons (since that is all that's in the news now).  I usually don't shop unless I have one. 

I use them at thrift stores, grocery stores, on gas, clothes etc. just to name a few.  I'll also have a few guest bloggers give you their incite on how they save as well. 

Today I'll start with shopping with coupons at the local grocery and pharmacy stores.  But before I get started let me say that by me using coupons I'm able to get name brand items.... quality items at a discounted price as an alternative to just using generic brands.

How do I shop with coupons?

1.  I choose a store that will give me the best price
     A.  For food/household items I shop at Publix, Kroger's and Cvs (which are my main stores)
 ... I have learned their coupon policy like the back of my hand....

2.  I rarely purchase an item unless its on sale and I have a coupon to go with it

3.  I buy Sunday papers EVERY Sunday for the coupons of course and
     A.  print coupons online as well

4.  I also have 2 main websites that I go to that gives me all the information I need to shop at a     
     particular store.
     C.  (which I'm usually referred to by one of the above)

5.  Be patient!  Couponing takes time but it is well worth it!!

Now that's it! 

My goal is to be able to spend half the total amount on whatever I buy!  For example:  If my total comes up to $50 then I only want to spend $25.  And this works perfect for me all the time! 

Today I spent some time with my mom (who is a newbie to couponing) showing her how I save at CVS.  Now if your thinking what I use to think CVS is high as all get out and you stay away from it.  But I must say that with their weekly deals combined with their in store coupons bundled with a manufacturers coupon the DEALS ARE GREAT!!

Shopping at CVS:
1.  I usually make at least 2 separate transactions
2.  The 1st transaction will give me in store coupons back that I can use on my 2nd transaction.
3.  At this store you can use a manufactures coupon and an instore coupon on the same item.
     -They also have a kiosk machine that will give you coupons just by scanning your CVS card-

MQ= Manufacturers Coupons 
B1G1= Buy one get one free  
Ecb= electronic coupon buck (instore coupon)  

Today I bought 28 items and on spent $28.52....

         1st order                             Coupons used:

4 Suave body washes             (2) Suave B1G1 MQ
2 Suave deodorants                (2) $.50 off 1 Suave deodorant MQ
2 Irish Spring body washes    (2) $.50 off 1 Irish Spring MQ
2 Axe body spray                     (2) B1G1 Axe MQ (used on all axe products)
1 Axe deodorants
1 Axe body wash
2 Thermal Care heat wraps       (2) $3.00 off Thermal Care wraps MQ

Total $52....(b4 Q's)
                                                    Total after coupons= $25.34

Not bad huh... I received $17 back in Ecb!! Yeah me...
..If I stop right there you can kinda say that I only spent $8.34 on all of these items.. but I didn't.. :)

         2nd order                    I used all $17 of Ecb for this

3 Lucky Charm cereal                  (1) $1 off 3 General Mills cereal MQ            
1 11oz Maxwell House coffee                free w/purchase GM cereal
3 Pringles cans (reduce fat lol)      (1) $1 of 3 cans MQ  
3 bottles of barbecue sauce            (1) $1 on 3 BBQ sauces MQ
1 Betty Crocker creamy Alfredo bowl
1 bottle of Purex detergent
2 Degree deodorant for women      (1) Degree B1g1 MQ
Total $30... (b4 Q's)
                                                                                      Total $3.18----> Yippee!!!!
That's an average of $.24 cent per item!!

Now that's a savings.. I had a ball and so did my mom!  When shopping at stores like CVS don't forget to use your...

So have do you coupon?  What kind of deals do you get?


Tuesday, May 17

Mother's Day Weekend/Home Right

I hope everyone had a Great Mother's Day week.  I had a great time with the family!  We had a huge feast enjoyed by some childhood stories and more!  So if you are still stuffed and tired from the day I'm just going to share a few videos....

And if you're not tired of hearing about the lastest Room Service project, then here is a video Lakeitha and I shot for Home Right the makers of the "Paint Stick"....

Now this was not rehearsed and I have used this product in the past and it really works.  The best thing I like about it is that you REALLY don't have to keep reloading the paint roller!!! ..... And less splatter...

Who would love this gadget.. Thanks to Hone Right they supplied enought Paint Sticks for all of the designers to use as well...

I have plenty to paint soon... Details on that later...Have you painted anything lately?

Friday, May 6

More of My Favorites

Ok so here are a few more of my favorite transformations at the Nicholas House!  Enjoy.....

   Angela over at The Painted House did an AWESOME JOB!!  She was able to find a storage solution to all of the residents needs!!


 Lori at Lori Mays Interior also created a warm and inviting space!!



Julie and Anisa over at Milk and Honey Home. 
These girls truly rocked their room which housed a family of 10!!! Bravo...

And finally Dayka over at Life & Style Meditation.  Dayka was at it everyday and her room turned out Beautiful!

Thanks again to everyone who made the Nicholas House a Home for the residents there.  They really appreciate it!!

Monday, May 2

Designer/Blogger Rooms from the Nicholas House

Wow..... The rooms turned out just beautiful.  However some of these rooms were truly amazing.. Here are some of my favorites.. Enjoy!!

Sherry Hart from Design Indulgence....created a space that made me want to stay.


Margaret  Norcott over at Milieu Interior Design Blog... transformed the entry way..

This girl really knows how to use a can of spray paint....

Nikki McNeil at SingleBubblePop...

Truly I need some of her energy.  It was a pleasure to work with Nikki...  

Thanks to Michael and Sonia for helping us out we truly appreciate it!!  Thanks again to all of the sponsors/contributor's!!
Stay tuned for more updates throughout the week!



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