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Friday, November 6

Giving Back: Poupadupa's House


Ok y'all I know I've been giving some really juicy updates over the last few posts. But as you know it's Fall and I need to pause for this incredible cause. If you are not aware I've create a charity called Poupadupa's House. (See my contribution page for more detailed info or click here or here.) 

I've been working on it over the past few years. I am an Interior Designer with a passion to give to the less fortunate. I am giving my time, skills, resources to create spaces for families in need. I decide to honor my daughters legacy by naming it after her. I lost my daughter Layla in 2001 at the age of 15 months. I love her dearly and can't think of anything else that I could better do with my gift than to help others. If you haven't read my story you can read it here.

So with that being said I need your help with any donation you can afford to give! This December Poupadupa's House will be giving several families a makeover.

A $10 donation goes a little further and we can create an inviting kitchen corner.

Why you ask? It's simple: The mission is committed to serving low income families where life has hit them hard. These families have been through a life altering event such as being misplaced, divorce, death and or job loss. PH with your help will offer these families a fresh start allowing them to regain their peace, security, pride and achievement.

Your donations count! With us working together we can create a space to make a family in need life a little sweeter. Donate $5 and help accessorize a work space with several of these items.

How can you give:
  1. Can mail or ship new gift cards or even used ones with a remaining balance.
  2. Can mail or ship household goods such as silverware, towels, accessories etc.
  3. Donate gently used household goods. (See List of items needed below)
  4. Paint/Rollers/Brushes Lighting/Bulbs/Lamps Plates/Silverware
  5. Area Rugs Artwork Spray Paint
  6. Curtains & Rods End Tables/Dining Table Coffee Table
  7. Picture Frames Sheets (New) Solid Comforters (New)
  8. Towels & Racks Nails
I thank you in advance for your support! May God keep you and continue you to Bless You!

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