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Friday, November 26

Black Friday Shopping!!


Thanksgiving Day was Great!  Spending time with family and friends is the best.  We all had a great time together giving Thanks, breaking bread, playing games and just hanging out with the Fam. 

So in this post I want to talk about the Christmas Presents that I want to build/make and our Black Friday Experience!!  Woe we had way to much fun!!!

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Ok so here's the deal after we everyone had filled their bellies it was time to part.  We actually left Chattanooga and drove to Atlanta around 9pm to start our shopping experience for Black Friday!! Yeaaaaa I love this.  Now I don't really have alot to purchase because I want to make most of my gifts for Christmas.  But my mom and sister also wanted to purchase items for themselves and Christmas gifts.  We were all so thrilled!!  My mom wanted to leave at 2pm... and I said girl no way too early.  Anywho it was 4 of us total.  My mom, sister, her fiancé and myself all on a mission!! LaLa...

So without any sleep (which we usually get before we head out on Black Friday) we left at 1:40 aiming for Walmart to get the laptop for $198.  Well they only had 30 and had given the tickets out at 12:01am...
Wow  So the backup plan was to find a Radio Shack.  They had acer netbooks for $179, but get this they only had ONE per STORE.  Yeah that what i said ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well it was 2:30am and we split up into 2 teams and RACED to find a Radio Shack.  It was critical that we got to one were there was no one waiting!!!  Doom Doom Doom!!!!  So my sister and her fiancé found one and WAITED.  Radio Shack opened up at 5:30am. 
Well my mom and I made a couple of stops before we found one.  We stopped at Kohl's.  They opened up at 3am and it was a line I tell you.  Do you believe that.  It was really longer than what I thought it would be.  Here is a clip of the line......
So we got everything we wanted there without a problem!  Then raced to the Radio Shack.  Well guess where the closest one was.....(drum roll please).....the darn MALL... of you don't know but I hate the mall absolutely Hate It!!!!!!!!!!....

Well at this point we didn't have a choice because my mom really wanted that netbook.  A little history behind that youngest sister Aliesha... is the clumsiest child ever.  And one day she sat on here netbook that we had just bought a couple of months ago and cracked the darn screen.  Yes its true...

So like a speed racer we were off.. In the door....Straight to the directory to locate the store.  Fortunately for us we were just above the store and the stairwell was right to the left of us.  When we got there... it was several people seating at a 2 tables were Macy's and Radio Shack connect!  With our hearts pounding BUMP BUMP...BUMP BUMP....

We stood in front of the door... 15 seconds later a lady and her family walked up...and 5 seconds after that another guy walked up.  Well I just made myself comfortable on the floor smack dead in front of the door in indian style... yep that's right.... You see we were the 1st one's there...... and as BAD as I needed a restroom break I refused to move.....

On the other hand, my sister and her fiancé had waited patiently at their RadioShack... You know they were the first ones there... so they just WAITED!!!!  Now the story behind this one is this... my sister had a break-in... some fools went into her home one day and cleared some things out.... 2 days later they came back... Wow.. right..  Well she moved from that side of town into her new apartment that we are currently decorating- you can see a post here on how that's coming along.  Ok so with butterflies in her belly  (not from Thanksgiving food) they waited.. and waitED and WAITED in the car!!  They waited so long that she spoke to every single employee that walked up!!! LOL too...tooo...funny!!!!   The closer it got 5:30 they eventually got out of the car and stood at the door face to face 3" from the door.....  Lol... ok that's too funny I wasn't there but the they way she re-enacted the scene it was hilarious!!!  By then the line began to grow....

So at our store the manager finally made it to the door ... with the glass doors barely cracked... he parted them and said...

"Ok here's the deal I'm short staffed and the mall doesn't open until 6am but what I can do is let you all in ONE AT A TIME"           ....DooM !DooM !DooM!....           "So who was first"... and the 1st few people who showed up after us said
                  "Her!".. "Her!"...          and with a great big push from behind by my mom I said "MEeeeEEEEeeEEEEEEEEEeee".....LaLa!!!

and the manager smiled and said ok come on in... At that moment I felt like I was on the price is right and just bidded on a luxury car and
The employee asked me what I wanted and I told him.  He went to the back and brought it to the register.  As he began to ring it up I asked him "so how many of those do you have left?" and he said ....... "this is the only ONE.... YEP THAT'S RIGHT.. AND I GOT IT FOR MY MOM!!!! Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....
On the other hand, my sister and her fiancé finally made it into their store....2nd!!!!!!!.... I got a call from Pat (her finace).. and he was HEATED.... my heart was pounding... and pounding...I just couldn't believe what I was hearing... How could this be they were there before anybody including the EMPLOYEES!!

 So this is what happen.... while they were waiting for the door to open... this guy they had been talking to
            (who seemed really nice at the time (according to my sis was as tall as Colby Bryant and big as Shaq))...                                            Grabbed the door knob and shoved them out the way into the store!!!

------Well words went back and forth.... back and forth .... and back and forth... ---- finally the employees realized that my sister was there first

...(remember she waved and spoked to at every employee as they headed into the store)...

and they let her get... WHOOOOOO WHOO!!!...

It was only fair and I'm glad theY did the right thing...  you must lol.. be able to picture Pat.. he is abt 5'7 and somewhat stocky.. can you imagine them going back and forth... with a Colby/Spaq Guy...........       yea.. I know!!!!!
Well we all were successful at getting one of the biggest items on the Friday list.. and finally we can all go home... except my mom and I had 1 more stop to make...Office Depot..

The line there was not as long and it was alot easier than the other adventures of the morning...  I was able to successful get the items on the list..  Office Depot has a great way to keep the crowd and quantity of products together.  Right before the store opens (15mins till) the manager comes out and ask you what you come to get...  They have a folder with all of the Black Friday items in it.  The folder only has individual items on each sheet in the amount of the quantity of the store.  So when the folder is empty all of the items are gone.  Pretty neat huh!!  As long as you have that sheet it guarantees your item which is being held at the registers.  That allows you to shop the store and not be stamped on!!
We finally made it home to see our goodies and talk about the night.. WHAT A BALL WE HAD...AND WE LOVED EVERY MIN OF IT... Thanks for reading...
Did you find any deals today?

Wednesday, November 24

$2 Contemporary Vases!!

$2 Contemporary Vases!!  Ok now here's another one:  I made some contemporary vase from a vase and bowl I purchased at the Dollar Tree.  You may have seen them around my Family Home in Chattanooga in various pictures.   $2 Contemporary Vases!!  Ok now here's another one:  I made some contemporary vase from a vase and bowl I purchased at the Dollar Tree.  You may have seen them around my Family Home in Chattanooga in various pictures.        
1 vase and 1 bowl see here
Hotglue or Gorilla Glue ( I used hotglue)
Steps: Just glue the 2 vase together

....And Viola! 

Now you can add flowers, candles, or just some decorative accents. 
See slideshow below!!


<-- in this pic I made 2 and turned 1 upside down!!

The accessories in this vase I found at the Dollar Tree which I think are a great price!! $1.. They have them in red, green and cream.  You can find these bags in other stores for way more than a buck.  You can use these inside the vases as well.  Like the ones I have on the mantle!!  See.....

Tuesday, November 23

$3 or less Inexspensive Wall Art made from gift bags!

Sorry you guys I've been a little busy with Thanksgiving plans, helping a friend with her wedding and a new project.  If you don't know already, I am an interior designer which I absolutely love love love.....  As well as , an event planner.  So when I don't have alot of projects going at once than I post more frequently.  But I'm back now and I have several things I want to talk about. 

On my last post I talked about the decorative spheres that you can get at the Dollar Tree.  But I also found another way to have decorative art pieces on the wall for cheap! 

Take a look at these designs..   Pretty Huh!! That's what I thought..

The Dollar Tree that I went to here in Atlanta had them in green, gold, silver, black, blue and red.  Now don't laugh but they are actually gift bags...  Yep that's what I said gift bags!!!  So I figured they would make a great inexpensive art piece.  Let's take a look of some that I found online.


To make these work you would need:
Gift Bags
Frame or Matte Board
Glue or Tape
Hanging device (velcro, doubleside tape, nails)

Some other items you could use as a frame would be:
Foam Core
Poster Board
Now if you use those items it would make the art more interesting.. what do you think about that?
1.  Cut gift bag to desired length.

2.  If using foam core, poster board or matte board cut a square opening a little smaller than the gift bag cutout (this will help in step 3).
3.  Glue or tape the gift bag onto the back of your choice of frame.
4.  Attach on wall (you can use a nail, velcro, double sided tape)--I used double side tape.
...This project is very easy and inexpensive... Seee
So tell me...What do you think?
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