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Friday, May 27

Saving a Buck Part 2

The weekend is here and summer time is around the corner.  Beside that gas right now and then is higher than a mother scooter.. Kay... So here is how I save on Gas!!

I also save on gas buy couponing.  LOL.... You don't believe me do you? I know I know... Here are several ways I save:

1.  Publix grocery store has coupons in there circular that will give you $$ off when purchase $$ so much in groceries.

In this example I made a $25 purchase and got $10 in gas free with the purchase of a gas card.  So I bought a $50 BP gas card and only paid $40 for it..... Beautiful right!! I love it..

Now I have noticed that several stores are teaming up with gas stations to save you money on gas such as $$ cents off. 

 2.  Walmart:  purchase a gift card and receive $.03 off per gallon at any Murphy's Gas Station

     Murphy's is also offering and additional $2.00 any $20 purchase.

Finally if you have any of these stores in your area they are also teaming up!

$.20 off per gallon-Bilo @ Shell Gas

$.03 off per gallon-Walmart @ Murphy Gas

$.10 -$1.00 off per gallon -Kroger's @ Shell and Kroger fueling stations

Free $10 gas card @ CVS with qualifying purchases

So what do you think?  How much have you saved on gas lately?  Do you have any other gas saving tips I would love to here from you!!

1 comment:

  1. WOW! You have some great ways to save here! Thanks.



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