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Friday, May 6

More of My Favorites

Ok so here are a few more of my favorite transformations at the Nicholas House!  Enjoy.....

   Angela over at The Painted House did an AWESOME JOB!!  She was able to find a storage solution to all of the residents needs!!


 Lori at Lori Mays Interior also created a warm and inviting space!!



Julie and Anisa over at Milk and Honey Home. 
These girls truly rocked their room which housed a family of 10!!! Bravo...

And finally Dayka over at Life & Style Meditation.  Dayka was at it everyday and her room turned out Beautiful!

Thanks again to everyone who made the Nicholas House a Home for the residents there.  They really appreciate it!!


  1. Thanks for the mention April!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hey April, thanks for including me in your wrap-up, & thank you SO much for volunteering your time all week at the shelter--you were such a great help to everyone. Hope to see you at the MGBW/RSA party on the 25th!



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