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Sunday, May 4

A Child of Woman of Me

May 4, 2000

Twelve years ago a very ambitious woman lived in a small town.  Raised by her mother who also had 6 other children often dreamed of having a daughter of her own.  As life would have its way she graduated high school as a teen mom to a handsome baby boy. Two years later another handsome baby boy followed.  Determined to overcome many of the obstacles she faced living from one housing project to the next, feeling disowned by her father, sexually assaulted by several family members she was determined.  Through the love and support of her mother she overcame and accomplished much earning her Bachelors and Masters degree, owning her own home business to becoming her very own. 

As years passed she wanted nothing else to complete her family than a little girl.  For some reason she had the urge to have a little her.  She would often dream and speak about what they would do....`all of the girly things a mother and daughter wood do.`  Play dress up, calm each others hair, sing songs and imagine how big she would get and be just like her.  So She (woman) decided to decorate one of the 5 bedrooms she had in her home for this little girl, not knowing where she was to come from.  She often thought of adopting.  While she gave many ideas consideration she began to paint the room a pretty pastel pink and green, followed by toys, and beds on my...

Eventually, the woman's wish became reality..  After 9 months, several hours and no medicine she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  Just like her 2 boys the baby was so special to her.  She named her Layla Ayliaha....  (She was named after the famous Muhammad Ali's daughter Layla the boxer and the singer/actress Aaliyah). 

Layla's brothers and other family members were so excited to have a new edition to the family.  And finally the woman was able to do all of the great things she dreamed about.  Teaching her how to sing and dance and play in make up, dress up and everything in between..     Fourteen years ago today Layla's was born.... 

A year later on August 25, 2001 the singer Ayliaha died tragedy-ly in a plane crash.  Before the woman heard of this she had a beautiful night with her daughter.  Layla played in her moms hair... mom painted her little bitty toes... enjoyed a bubble bath play fight and before the evening was over they dressed themselves in their night night clothes.  13 years later that evening is still as clear as the wind blows.

 They sat on the bed while mom showed her how to get rid of those ashy legs...  She pulled open her dresser and found just the right night top in a satin gold.  The woman tied the straps so it would fit Layla perfectly.  Layla played on the bed while her mom found another gown that was the same fabric and color as Layla's for the night.  And off to sleep they went... Singing a song to her "tinky winky winky... winky to sleep Layla went....

The next day the woman was very distraught after reading the news the singer/actress Ayliaha had passed....  all while her Ayliaha was sleeping her way to another place.  Five days later, Layla was buried in Baby Land at nearby cemetery.  And today is her Birthday...

Happy Birthday My Love!! 

May 4, 2000-August 26, 2001

A child of Woman of Me. 

I am Woman.

Stay strong.. Love


  1. This is so touching! I want to say something positive and uplifting. But, even after 11 years....I KNOW it won't lessen the pain. I do, however, believe in Angels! I thank God that you have one watching over you! Happy Birthday Angel Layla!

  2. My heart breaks every time I her you talk about her... April, I said it the first day we met, and I'll say it again: Loosing one of my children and living a normal life afterwards seems impossible to me. To have been in your presence several times and to know that you are living "MY" impossible, makes you the strongest woman I know to this day. Celebrate this beautiful day. Remember Layla and know that she would want you to smile the whole day. Smile like you do when you talk about her.

    That's another thing, the entire time you talked about her, you smiled. You smiled while I cried. You are truly amazing!

    Happy Birthday sweet Layla

  3. Thanks Junque it means so much to me!! She is truly my angel!

    @Lakeitha Awww.. Thanks a million. I use to same the same I don't know what I would do if something every happened to my children. But honey God kept me... And through his love I smile....

  4. Dear April,
    I don't quite know what to say, but I feel so moved to say something. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter you have made in this post. I cannot fathom the pain you felt and still feel every day. Our children are our most precious gifts from God.

    You and your sweet girl are in my thoughts and prayers tonight...

  5. Thank you so much Lori I really appreciate it. She was truly a blessing!!

  6. Powerful....A parent is NOT supposed to bury a just isn't right. I am so sorry you had to bear that pain. I know you will never forget your time with your baby girl, I do hope that when you think of her your heart smiles....

  7. Thank you so much Sherry for your kind words!!

  8. Okay so I tried not to cry but it didn't work. I have different memories of her but I know its harder when youre the parent but you can smile today because you have not seen the last of her. I love you and her keep on keeping on sista.



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