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Monday, April 14

Free Table turned Ottoman

Last week I talked about up cycling with freebies! If you haven't read the previous posts go here, here and here.  I couldn't help myself but I wanted to share one more this week.  Consider it Free! Lol...As well as being in the spirit of Creating with the Stars over at EC2 hope you enjoy the Home Decor!

Ok so on to the next... these free items were won during the same visit to my sister in law where I was able to score the free dresser!  She had a coffee table and end table that looked like so...
Well there was nothing to do but go to work on these bad boys.  I lightly sanded the legs and painted them a flat black.  The top on both were reupholstered with fabric and tufted. 

The fabric for the coffee table was left over (ha..ha. left overs-gotta love them) from a tufted headed I made.  Here's a pic of the headboard.
I'll do a post on the headboard and bedding soon.  I made both... hehehe. 
For the end table I actually had a pink zebra fabric that was just waiting to be used.  
On the tufts I simply drilled the holes in table top were I wanted tufts to be. Then placed my cushion on the top and cut out the same hole through the foam.  That way I wouldn't have to worry about the foam getting caught up when I was ready to tuft.  

To tuft I cheated a little (which I do 1/2 the time) and used a screw and washers.  Using to different size washers a small that fit the screw I was using and a larger washer that would hold both of them (the screw and smaller washer).  

Once I drilled the screw and washers in place it automatically created a tuft.  After all of the tufts were completed I added a diamond jewel (purchased in the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby) and hot glued it down.
Gotta love free eh?

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