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Wednesday, April 16

Den to Master-- Yellow Dresser--Revisited

From time to time I like to revisit what my home or homes, furniture or pieces of furniture and what they looked like before and what has happened to them over the past years.  More of a "Where are they now?" type of thing.  If you haven't seen the revisit of a the Star Burst Mirror click here.  
In this post I'm speaking on two things... the Den and the Dresser. Well which is it...? A Den or Master Bedroom?
 Well technically it has been both. Ha Ha..  In the beginning it look like a scene from Sanford and Son (you know the TV show from way way way back). You see my hubby and his dad lived here before I moved in. Which I came later after we were married of course.
It was suppose to be a den.  So I did my thing to it back in 2010.  Throughout the years it started to look a little more like this.. 
How did it get this way you ask? Well to make a long story brief and without blaming anyone in particular.  See what had happened was we both lived in the same home town.  After I graduated college about a year before getting married, I moved and my husband and I lived in two different cities.  (side note: we lived in two different cities for 5 years and never sleep under the same roof for 7 days straight).  You see he's a professional truck driver and I was interning and designing with the stars (more on that later.)  You can see some of my work here.  And basically, well that's it wife at home on a regular bases with a husband, father-n-law, some kids and a dog.... and well that's what you get...  
I'm no longer in two cities which brings us to the present day.  So the den went from den to a master bedroom... POW! Yes I love cool lar (color lol.)  And outside of loving blue's I LOVE YELLOW (but really I love all bright colors.)  In a previous (over 4 year) post found here (ironically in that previous post I took another den and turned it into a master as well.. LOL!  I showed you this dresser. 

And yes I'm still holding on to it.  It's still in our master just in a different house and being loved by well the Blues!
Isn't it Lovely! Now for the handles I kept some and bought some.  The crystal knobs were purchased from Hobby Lobby and I mixed it with some of the original handles once they were sprayed white.
The yellow paint was purchased as an oops paint and I added the Greek Key symbol. Which I absolutely Love!  
The drapes are merely sheets purchased at Wal-mart.  I added the quatrefoil pattern to them by way of stencil and acrylic paint. The rug that was shown in the previous dresser post is also being used in this space.

So did you love this revisit? Which was your favorite the Den or the Master?

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