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Monday, April 7

Free Up-cycled Vanity

Free! Don't we love the sound of those letters. Free! Well if you're anything like myself I love the sound. It comes from all around. The friend that didn't want it. The neighbor that sat it out. The store that dumped it. However you get's still Free! Well I've been watching the girls over at East Coast Creative for the past few weeks watching the Creating with the Stars challenge. This weeks challenge is Up-cycling. So I figured this week I would talk all about Free! And the things I've come across for free and up cycled.

Evening Shot
I drove by this little beauty down the street and around the corner from home. Being late in the even which really means it was dark. I barely saw it.
Before I knew it, I bust a U-turn and hit the high beams. I didn't get out because really I didn't want the neighborhood to think I was crazy. Oh yeah, that babies mine. 
Once I was home I called my hubby and said, “Bay I need you to go down the street and around the corner and..” Well y’all know the rest. This is what it looked like before. Not sure who and why and what it was used for outside of it being a vanity, I could tell it had really been loved.
  I immediately went to work on this baby. The great thing about is I didn't have to buy anything for it. I already had left over ingredients. Don't you just love left overs? They're always the best! 
  I spray painted the drawer and mirror with metallic silver spray paint and added theses crystal knobs that I borrowed from another dresser.

Due to the bad lighting or camera (sorry) the blue is very vivid and looks more like the blue in the outside pictures.

One more time Before......
Btw if you haven't seen the post I did several weeks ago on my Free sofa click here.  I found it on Craigslist!

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