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Friday, April 11

Free Diy Chair

This week I've been talking about up cycling with freebies! If you haven't read the 1st two posts on my free vanity go here and free dresser here.
Ok so on to the next... I got this one free when I purchased some furniture at a thrift store.
 The lady was cleaning out her inventory and said, "If you want this and this you can take it too."  You know what I did.  This chair is a reproduction of the Thonet cafe chair.  Sometimes I get in such a rush that I forget to take before pictures.  Although, it doesn't happen too often. Yea I forgot this time. But it looked like this one before I put my spin on it. Just a little more dingy, dusty and rusty.

There was nothing to it.  I used some left over pink spray paint on the frame.  Which is made of metal.  Before that I did sand it some because of the rough spots.  
For the seat I used again some left over fabric from some pillows and lampshades I recovered.  Gotta Love Left-Overs.  Maybe I should have titled this weeks post Left Overs! Ha.. Lol.
I stapled the fabric onto the seat and well that's it!
What do you think?

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