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Monday, April 18

Fireplace Facelift Repost

Does your fireplace need a Facelift.... Well you're not alone So did mine. I spent about $21 at the Dollar Store to create this look!!
 Here is a picture of what it looked like before. 
...And this is the After...
Rocks (my math may be a little off but...2 bags of rocks=1 sq ft)
1.  Put on gloves and use spatula to Apply grout in sections)
2.  Apply rocks (I started at the bottom of the fireplace and worked my way up)
3.  Repeat steps 1&2
 Once you have finished rocking the fireplace your done
Steps 1& 2
Almost done have used 10 bags so far.....
10 Bags!!
If you have a surround you can remove it and spray paint (which is very inexpensive) or to add some dazzle try using a different texture such as glass tile, a different stone, marbles (dollar store find) or mozaic tile.

On my fireplace I used this chocolate mozaic tile that I found at Home Depot.  It cost 4.99 a sheet.  I bought 2 and trimmed the surround.  I also painted the hearth a chocolate with some oops paint (left over from my striped wall in the diningroom) I purchased for $1 at Home depot.  What do you think?
Use thick grout with adhesive.  It took about a day.  This would make a good weekend project.  It is lengthy because you have to apply each rock one by one.  It takes about 24hrs for the grout to harden.

I love the new look!  So whose going to give it a try?
Most of the decorations on the mantel also were purchased at the Dollar Store.  The logs were free and came from my moms backyard..lala

Have you updated any projects lately?

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