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Monday, November 2

A Long Summer: Diy Dressers

Where Am I?  Hey I'm here right now... But I promise who knows where I'll be later.. So make sure you're following me there too..

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A Long Summer: Diy Dressers

So I know I promised you more blogs. But hey life happens. Sorry about the disconnect. But if you are following me on Instagram as Sublime Home or Facebook as Sublime Design Home then you're already in the know of why I have been absent. And what I have been doing in the meantime. So first off I didn't forget about you. I love yall! But clients called and of course I went a running. Now that's out of the way. Lets get down to it.

Yes Fall is officially here, but during the summer I was working hard! Really Hard! On what? Right. Well unfortunately, I can't tell you all in one post. However, I will begin on this one. So come back because I will be posting Diy projects and client reveals over the next serveral weeks to get you up to speed. As well as, keeping you informed on what I'm doing now.

Ok what's first. Mmmmm Mmmmmm let's see (as I rub my hands together to determine which is the best story to pick up from). OH I know. Diy Dressers. Over the summer outside of working on clients spaces I transformed a several pieces of furniture. Now if you're new here I have tons of Diy projects and my routine to get them from drab to fab is usually the same. Since I've be gone for some time I'll just jump right in.

OOOOOhhHHH take a look at this monstrosity. Right. Well I picked it up from an apartment complex for free. The original occupants of the home left it behind. Now it was heavy. Yep Super solid. But we got it. Brought it home. Cleaned it up, lightly sanded it and went to town with my handy spray gun.

The knobs were not actual brass so polishing them really didn't work. No worries! I pulled out a can of my favorite spray paint and went to town. (Rustoluem of course.)

And this is how it turned out! Bee U T Ful... Right.. I know.

To let you in on a secret because I know you're wondering how did I know that ugly thang would turn out Gorg. Well I've come to learn that pieces with ornate detail shines brightly when color is added to it such as a white, pink, black or grey. Even if I would have chosen green or orange this bad boy still would have shined brighter than any star.

So the next time you're out looking for the special piece keep in mind the mostly ugliest will be the baddest in the end! Yep!
Ok so know that we've gotten that out the way. Take a look at this piece. I found these at the Goodwill Outlet store here in town. A set of nesting tables that had been painted way too many times. Yea they were Ug Ga Lee! Lol. But you already know that wasn't an issue that a little sanding and spray paint couldn't fix. $15 bucks for 3 tables was a no brain-er.

I did what I had to and this was the final result. I used of them in a guest room. After I added some faux crocodile fabric with some nail heads. You do know that they're really thumb tacks tho. Yea when push comes to shove. I'm just saying.

Isn't the fabric amazing. While here's another tip. I only paid a $1 for it. How? Well because it was a sample piece that my local fabric was getting rid of and boy did they have tons of it!

Here are the tables in the space. Just lovely huh. Well thanks. At this point I'm guessing you want to know more about that room. Well come back for the next post and I will show you my clients reaction as I reveal the room to her. Until then my friends. Toodles!

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