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Sunday, May 24

Pink Glam Client Reveal Part 2

Previously, I showed you a space that I designed for a client.  Well here is part 2 of that makeover.  If you didn't see part one click here.  I had so much fun designing this space.  And the client is still raving about it two months later! Yay!
Drapes custom made, Sofa client owned, acrylic nesting tables; Craigslist find.

Place a fur rug directly over a stool and Instant Glam!
Drinks anyone?  Their on the House.... 
Come on lets Wine a Bit I'll make you feel Better!

So What Did the Client Say Exactly?

Where Am I?  Hey I'm here right now... But I promise who knows where I'll be later.. So make sure you're following me there too..

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