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Saturday, April 18

Ikea Doors to End Table


So I DIY'd some end tables using IKEA doors.  I purchased them at a thrift store of course.  What really drew me to them was the pattern.  It kinda reminded be of Tiger wood.  Which is really expensive!

My mind is always clicking... So when I'm out shopping I try to think outside the box.  How can I use this differently? Does it have to used the way it was meant to be?  What else can this be used for? Are just some of thoughts that float around in this head of mine.
Front of Door

Back of  Door

Welp what other way to use these easily and not cost a fortune...  AWW Ha... End Tables!

All I need was to make some legs and attach them.  Off to Home Depot, I knew actually what I needed. 2x2 furring strips.

Predrilled my holes in the table (were the legs would be attached.)   I cut them down myself.  I cut 8 legs to 24" each.  
I used an ebony stain on the legs to try and match up the stripes in the table. 
(Losing daylight_ )

I attached the legs to the table using a drill and screws.  I used kreg screws but that's optional.  And there you have it! All done.  Now wasn't that the easiest?  If you don't have the tools to cut your own wood.  The folks at Home Depot or Lowes will do it for you.  This is an evening shot. ---->

And of course, here are a few more pics at the finished product!

 What do you think? Was it worth it or Nah?

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