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Friday, May 1

Sublime Home Curbside Diy: French Provinical Dresser


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I  started a new series that focuses on some of the many treasures I find on the curb.  I call it Sublime Home Curbside Diy.  We all see them... We'll slow down, weave up and down the street, shout "OMG pull over" at the person driving.  Yea that just means you've found an awesome find on the side of the road. Right? Right!  
So here's the UGLY FRENCH I found on the corner.  Yes someone set this bad boy or girl out. And I picked it right on up. The detail and lines on this thing is pure beauty!
The handles I sprayed using Rustoleum Silver Metallic spray paint.
I did some sanding but didn't strip it.  I mainly sanded out the drip spots from the previous paint job and any dings and dents.
I wanted a smooth surface so I sanded until I was content.
For the doors, the knobs that were on it were ugly and small.  So I replaced them with crystal knobs (which I love on so Much!)
One last look at the Ugly French....
Now the Ooh La La!
So what do you think, is this a keep driving sorta find or a "OMG stop!" kinda piece?

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