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Monday, February 2

How Diy Makes Money


Where Am I?  Hey I'm here right now... But I promise who knows where I'll be later.. So make sure you're following me there too..

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Now that we have that out of the way.  What shall we talk about today?  Mmmmm....Mmmm.. Oh yea, I know! You know that I have a love for designing. Right?  Did you know I was an Interior Designer too?  So I've turned a lifelong hobby into another stream of income.  (Insert wink here *).. Smart Eeh!
(My Interior Design work pictured on below)
Interior Design of Christina Johnson's Condo (of Atlanta Exes)

Oh sorry I can get sidetracked sometimes.  Back to my point... I've grown to sell my merchandise in Five different places! Yes I did say.. Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Cinco... 5!    How? Well..Alot of the Diy tutorials you see here on the blog is actually my merchandise.I know exciting right! Now do you forgive for my absences? Lol..
So Lets see.. Three of the Five places I sell are in my hometown.  However, I do sell online too..So if you're every in Chattanooga, Tn you can find work inside two stores which are:

1.  Sublime Design Home located inside of Vintage Antiques in Hixson, Tn (once inside look for my address 508 Reloved Ave.  &

2.  Bettiville 804 Rossville, Ga.,

Now during the spring - fall months you can catch me 2x out the month at the

3.  Chattanooga Market (which is an outdoor marketplace for everything hand-made or grown),
4.  Online @
5.  Online @

My extra curricular activities turned hobby all started when... Well when I was born actually.  My mom was a self taught seamstress.  Every piece of clothing in her closet and ours were all hand-made.

She also was and still is really really good at finding bargains and turning something old into something new. Yelp I was blessed with the gene.  And I wouldn't have it any other way!  It has taken a great deal of time and failures to be able to perfect a craft that is genuinely sell-able.

But hey people do it all the time. So I would like to know what you're Awesome at?

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