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Monday, January 12

Up-cycled Sewing Table

Guess what?  I have a very simple Diy project for you today.  It's so simple even a non Diy'er can do it!  So I'm calling this one a "You can do it Diy table."  It's so versatile and be used in small spaces as well as a variety of different uses.  So here's the skinny... It's really a re-purposed sewing machine table.  When I purchased it the machine had already been removed.  So all I did was remove the remaining pieces on the inside.

What you'll need:
Knobs (Hobby Lobby)
Screws (optional)
Total cost for was $10! Woot!

In all the hustle and bustle I forgot to take a before pic.  But it was very similar to this one..
The table was purchased from a second hand store for a whopping $4.00!

I cleaned it up a bit and lightly sanded it.  It was wiped down and then painted white.  I used crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby (purchased 50% off.)

I screwed the top of the table from underneath with 2 screws to keep it from opening.  *Note if you want to use the inside maybe to store items or as an foldable beverage cart then don't screw the top down.  But make sure you paint the inside of it too.
And Viola.. You have a completed product.  Now the question is?? Do you think you can do it? Or have you beat me to the punch already? If so I would love to see it!


  1. Hello from Merry Monday! I love upcycled projects! Your $4 table looks fabulous. It's amazing what a coat of paint and new knobs can do.



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