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Monday, May 19

Mirror Furniture My Way

Okay so if you don't know already I am overly obsessed with mirrors! I love them really in any form or fashion. 
So in the next few weeks I'm going to try and recreate several pieces of mirrored furniture. If you are on Instagram (and following SublimeHome) you may have seen that I posted this picture. 
Well my inspiration came from a Pinterest picture that I believe originated from HGTV. 
Isn't she a beauty!!
So my plans for this beauty is to clean it up really well, paint it white and have some mirror cut to size to go on the doors.
As you can see it is missing a drawer. I plan on making that extra storage by adding a shelf.  As for the round circles well I have something very creative up my sleeve.  So you'll have to check back for the tutorial! 
I've also seen coffee tables and end tables like these. And through my adventurous thrifting hunts I have compiled several pieces of square mirror tiles that are all the same size. 
So you know what that means. Yep that's it .... I'm going to diy some end tables which I think are fairly easy to make. Can't wait for the tutorials? Well check out these 2 mirrored pieces here and here that I created using Dollar Tree materials.

What do you think? 
Have you done any mirrored pieces recently?
I would love to see them.

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