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Wednesday, January 12

$22 Diy Inspired ZGallerie Mirror

Michael Mirror

Sooo I'm on a roll here and this is the 3rd mirror that I have created as a Christmas present this past year.  Now I know Christmas is over but I still wanted you to see the outcome and possibly create a mirror for yourself.  This mirror is inspired by the Michael Mirror at Zgallery which retails for $349.  I made this mirror for a friend Ronslan and she absolutely loved it....Yippee!! 

She was so excited. She wants me to make another one!!! Lala,,
 Ok the Michael Mirror comes from Zgallerie for a $349 and 45''W x 52''H.  Wow.. Do I even need to explain this one... otay otay...  I will.  

It is quite a big mirror.  If you want to make one on this scale your square mirror would need to be around 45"x52".  Otherwise, you can make a smaller version which is what I did with a slightly different design. Here is what you will need for my design.
My design...
     Materials/Total Cost $22:
--1 24x24 Square Mirror--Ikea $9.99
--Hanging device (which comes with Ikea mirror)
--6pks of 1" tiled mirrors 25 in a pack $1.99 pk @ Michael's
--Glue (hot glue or mirror glue)
Pic shows mirror, glue gun and a pack of 1' mirrors
Steps for my design:
1.  Glue 1" tile mirror starting from the outside working your way inward around entire frame 1x. (only 1 square will be created with the 1" tiles)
2.   Next you will only use 12 1" tile mirrors creating an L shape in each corner of the mirror.  (there are 4 corners).  6 of the 12 tiles should be glued making the 1st line of the L (like this--->|)...and then the remaining 6 tiles of the 12 will be used to make the rest of the L (like so----> __ )
see below
3.  For the final step you will only need 3 of the 1" tiles to create a shape like :.
this shape will be glued inside of the L shape design which was created in step 2
see above
4.  Attach hanging device and you're done!!

Notes:  If you want to scale down the mirror but have the exact pattern of the Michael Mirror you will need 12 packs of tiled mirrors.Hobby Lobby 1" mirrors are $2.99 a pack but don't forget you can use a 40% or 50% off coupon when they are available.           


   Steps for Michael Mirror design

1.  Glue 1" tile mirror starting from the outside edge of the mirror working your way inward around entire frame 3x.  (Hint the 1" tiles will border the 24x24 mirror creating a square pattern 3x's.)   
2.    Attach hanging device and you're done!!



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