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Tuesday, June 10

$10 Headboard-Revisited

Hey peeps so I've been away for awhile but I'll have some exciting news to share in the next few weeks!  In the meantime I wanted to revisit a post from several years back.  Why would I want to do that? Well in the past few weeks I've noticed a video I posted to Youtube now has over 300,000 VIEWS!! Yay Me!.  So without further adue.... Headboard take your place... hehe

Originally Posted on April 30, 2011....

As you may know this week I had the pleasure of volunteering on a project with Room Service Atlanta.   I worked with a designer/blogger Nikki McNeil and blogger/thrifter LaKeitha Duncan on recreating a space at a shelter The Nicholas House for the residents there.  
The rooms turned out Great!  I also made a headboard for blogger LaKeitha over at Home to 3 Duncan Boys.  So I thought I would share how you can create your own!
So here is what you will need....

Wood- cut size to your size
Fabric- alternatives drapes, sheets
Foam- try using mattress pads
Staple or glue gun

Many of this items you may already own.  Think creatively!! 


1.  Cut wood and foam to desired length
2.  Cut fabric 3-4 inches wider than wood
3.  Start in the middle of board and staple or glue down a section of the fabric to the wood.
4.  Move to the opposite sides of the board and pull tightly and repeat step 3.
5.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 on all 4 sides of the board.  Occasionally view front of the headboard to make sure the fabric is tightly wrapped (free of wrinkles).
6.  Continue stapling or gluing all for sides until the entire board has been completed.

Visit the Video Blog tab at the top of this blog for more ideas!!!  And  if Want to show off your headboard shoot me an email...

 Thanks again to all of our gracious Sponsors and anyone who has contributed to this project!!


  1. I LOVED that headboard...great idea and makes such a good focal point!

  2. Thanks Sherry! It was super easy to make!!

  3. I loved the headboard, April! It made the room for me!



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