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Tuesday, April 29

Diy Fabric Zebra Dresser

Have you ever tried redoing a piece of furniture using fabric.  Well I do it all the time on chairs and such.  But not as much when comes to adding it to a dresser or table.  So today I'll show you the 2nd piece of furniture I've reinvented using fabric.  The first one can be found here with instructions too.  

OTay I didn't use anything special outside of this gorgeous zebra fabric. I found at Hancocks.  Once again when I saw it I didn't here singing.  It was more of a puzzle feeling like "Mmmm what can I do with this?"  Because of the shininess to it and of course the pattern I bought it.  
Months later I came across this dresser online and thought, "Hey I maybe able to do that."  Without any instructions on what to use or do. I went on a hunt for a dresser and found this UGLY thing at a thrift store.
Didn't I say it was ugly.  But I'm use to it.  I know I'm the only one but when I go out to shop... I only notice the ugly one's.. They are a must have..Ha! 

Here's a quick guide to get you going.

1.  I painted the top and sides black.  
2.  Cut the fabric to the length of each drawer. 
3.  I applied a spray adhesive to the drawer and fabric. Slowing pressing it down from one corner to the next. 
4.  I repeated those steps until I finished all three drawers.  
5.  The final step was to add knobs.  I chose mercury knobs from Hobby Lobby instead of handles.  And that's it.

Again Before....
And After....

This item sold in my store within two days.  Do you think you'll try it next?  I would love to see it!

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