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Friday, May 9

!!!!Desiging in Miami!!!

Hola! Thanks for stopping by.  I haven't posted much this week because.... Well you'll see in the post before this..  So I just wanted to stop in and reminisce on some happier thoughts for you.  I originally posted this back in 2011.  But here it is again just for you! And a Big Big thanks to everyone who is following me now on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Google! If you have followed me yet look to the left and Like Love & Follow!!

PictureOk so I have been away for a while.  Sorry about that! But I've been in Miami with my business partner Christina Johnson, designing a condo for Christopher Bridges. Yippeee!! 

Christina is also a designer that I worked with when I first graduated several years ago.  Just to give you a little history.  I did my internship with her during the summer of 07 and I have been working with her off and on since.  She really introduced me to the Entertainment World as well as modern design (which I absolutely love now). 

Little bitty me just thought I would design spaces just for you and me.  LOL.  But we have worked with Jay Jenkins (Young Jeezy), Christopher Bridges (Luducris) and Thomas Calloway (Cee-Lo) on their homes in Atlanta, Ga.  To see our work you can visit Christina's site at or my site at AprilDenise.Com
(There is also a link to my design site at the bottom on this blog)

That's me in the pink, my hubby behind in the white hat, Christina next to him, and Luda and Fab next to the chef.... 
We kinda look like little monsters here. The camera man wasn't sure how the camera worked. LOL... And no I'm not pregnant...just left overs... ha
Now that's out of the way, do to confidentiality I'm unable to post any of the before or after pictures of the Miami condo.  But I can show you some of the things that I have found since I've been here.  Let me know what you think!!  Here are some pictures and a video from several stores and thrift stores we found!  Just to let you know it hasn't been all work.  LOL!  Can't just go there without shopping, going to the beach, dining, partying and stuff like that right.  Lol.

Lights, Sinks & Hardware!! Oh my...
I have added many of the those pictures on my Fb page!  But here are a few.  I visited the beach, celebrated my birthday (1-14) and others as well, ate good till I just couldn't anymore.  Sorry I wish you were here.  I have met, partied and seen Chad Ocho, Marco Andretti and another football player named ummm.  I forgot T something.  Maybe T-O...
But I'm sure you all know who he is.  I really truly don't keep up with the stars.  Sometimes I feel bad about that.  But oh well I know a few designers!!! LOL
For instance,  the day that I found out that we were going to a party to celebrate Chad Ocho's birthday I had know idea who he was.  So I texted my sister Stephanie (who was currently writing her first book by the way.. visit her at who knows everyone!! and said.
"Hey I'm going to a birthday tonight for Chad Ocho... who is that?" 
AND SHE SAID lol:  "You're in way over your head little lady... he's a football player and you better be dressed to impress..." 
LOL  SO I SAID: "Oh.. ok.."
So you see that's just a little glimpse at my cluelessness...if that's a word.  But the above pics show the outfit that I wore that night.  I actually got it as a birthday present from Christina.. Thanks!

*Update! If you would like to see some of the work I did there visit my design gallery or for more of my work.

*Update! My sister has published several books now and you can visit her @

Well I have so much to say and I'm not sure about the time... needless to say I need to move on... because I have so much to show you.  SO let me know what you think.. 

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