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Monday, March 17

I feel like Run-nan! Furniture Diy-ed by Muah.

Well I'm back at it again.  I haven't blogged in several years now.  I really enjoyed it... But you know sometimes life just gets going and going and... Well you get the pic.  During my time away I always thought about what I was going to say on every project I completed, but for some reason it never made it to paper.  I took plenty of pics tho... hehehe.. 

So I'm just going to start.  In my Forest Gump voice.. "I feeling run-naning." Lol. So here we go.  

There's no big Rhyme or Reason here. You can expect to see plenty of Diy pics. Along with a few tutorials and Lots of Before and After's.  

I have my own boutique now. Sounds amazing huh. Well it is; It's small but it's mine.  "What do I sell you ask?"  I sell mostly furniture (some accessories).  
.....Furniture that I've made from scratch.
Hand-made Shelf

Hand-made His & Her Duvet 

 ......Furniture that I think is unique (mainly retro/mod/mid-century pieces).

Furniture that I've painted...

                       ...And Furniture that I've up-cycled....

Up-cycled Ottoman & Dresser

Oh for that hairless elephant in the room... Oh you haven't seen it yet.  Well the last post uploaded I talked about cutting off my hair. Yep I did.  But that was 2 1/2 years ago.  And well it's grown. Here are a few quick shots.  

Year 1

Year 2
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow you are amazing!! Can't wait to try to revamp my Ikea dresser into the crocodile dresser! Thank you for the inspiration:)

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