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Friday, April 18

Updating a Dated Chandelier

Quick post today as we are talking about updating an old chandelier.  If you don't have one great! If you want one run to your local thrift (they have plenty) If you do here's a great idea on adding a little bling with minimal damage.  

All you need is the metal frame and Christmas beads.
 Remove everything on the chandelier until you have a bare frame like so...
Measure and cut your beads to the desired length. You can layer the pieces or make them all the same.  I layered it.  Now take about 5 beads and twist them until the string ties in a knot.  Once the knot is created there should be a small hole or opening.  Use that part of the hole and hang it from one of the wire pieces of the chandelier frame.  That's it.  
Day ViewRepeat this step until all of them are covered.  
Gorgeous isn't it!  You could also try spray painting the metal to get rid of the gold and adding crystal beads too. 

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