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Friday, March 21

3 Part Series Mini Living Room Makeover-- The Candle Holders

Mini Living Room Makeover- The Candle Holders

Ok so I decided to show you a mini makeover I did with my living room.  I'm breaking it down into a 3 parts.  I'll show you how I made over candle holders, a dresser and lastly an upholstered sofa. The chair is an added bonus! Take a look at this....

Would you spend $50.00 for these items? Well I did but I couldn't put them to use until I did a little makeover! Over the next few days you'll see how I transformed these pieces into greatness! 

Today we'll talk about the candle holders. I found these beauties at my local Goodwill thrift for $12.50 each. After looking twice at them because I originally flew right by them. The shape and size captured my attention. They were floor standing 30" high.  Whattt!! Yep so I looked at my mom and said. “Ma what do you think about these?” she respond with a frowned up face and said, “They're hideous!” LOL. Mom has a great eye but sometimes we just need a little inspiration. And all I could see was these: 

and these...

So with hope in sight.. I added them to my cart and checked out!  When I got home I looked them over a bit and decided to move the round piece in the middle. It's known as the blah. No seriously they're named a bobeche  This is the piece that actually catches the wax from the candles as they melt. 

Well I didn't want that because.. Well It's Ugly and it was totally screwing up my vision. So with them gone they looked as so..

Materials needed:

Sand paper
Spray Paint


1. Always clean your find really good and remove and debris or dust.

2. Lightly sanded them.

3. Primed-- ( this is where I will cheat a little.. I used flat white paint).

4. Spray Painted them with Krylon Purple.

5. And waited for the to dry.

You know sometimes patience is a beast. Yep I lack it... Foot tapping like Sonic the hedge hog with his hands on his hip (waiting on you to make a move because You're Taking To Long!)

  Tadaaa..  I love them!

Well what about now.. Would you buy them now?? 

 Now... on to the next! A dresser turned media console... 

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