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Friday, March 28

Mini Living Room Makeover-- Bonus-- The $20 Chair

Here we are at the bonus... The $20 Chair

While I'm not going to go into details explaining how to re-cover this chair because.... It's easy.  No really.  Just follow the instructions on part 3 of the Sofa makeover and you'll be just fine.  If you missed the first 3 parts you can click candlesticks, media console, sofa and it'll take right there.  
I've been asking over the past few days....Would you spend $50.00 for these items? Well I did but I couldn't put them to use until I did a little makeover!  Remember what they looked like before?
Ok so on to the chair.  Child that fabric in my moms voice is "Hid--Dee--Us."  Lol. I bought this chair at a 2nd hand store in Marietta, Ga for $15 bucks.  By the way, does anyone else live town to shop 2nd hand stores?.. 
Again the lines on it had me going crazy. Because I new what I could do.  Now if you're wondering what came first.  The chair or the sofa.  Well it was the sofa actually.  That's what made the chair so darn easy.. Child once you have upholstered a sofa.. You can do just about anything!  Well as long as it has clean lines. Hehe.... 
First I tried this green corduray fabic.  but it just didn't set well.  
Nope! All wrong!
So I went with a purple.  A purple  table cloth that is... Mmmm huh.  I went there!  It's amazing what a little fabric and elbow grease can do.  The grey fabric was purchased at Old Time Pottery.  Did you know they sold fabric?  As do Garden Ridge. Yep Yep.  So check it out! 
 It only cost about $5 bucks to redo the chair and it was for the fabric.  I sprayed the legs black which I had on hand. 

So I say for last and finally time... Well what about now.. Would you buy them now??



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