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Wednesday, March 19

DIY Love Shelf inspired by Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Teen

Yep you guessed it... the love shelf. Well I first decided to make the shelf once I found it on Pinterest. Of All the pictures I went through I never knew that it actually came from Pottery Barn Teen.
Yes around $129.

I originally visited Crafting It Myself to follow her directions.  But ended up drawing my own measurements. My shelf stands 48" highs.  I decided to use a thinner wood as well.  Here is a sketch.

So here we go the materials I used:
wood (2)1x6x8 $7.25 each
paint- oops on hand
screws- kreg screws
wood glue 

1.  I cut the wood to the measurements you see in my sketch.
        7 Cuts @12"
        1 Cut @ 24"
        1 Cut @ 16 1/2"
        1 Cut @ 8"

2.  Using glue and screws connect each piece to form each letter.  I started with the 1st half of my shelf the L and O.  They were pretty easy.  I drilled holes in them with my Kreg Jig.  Then attached each piece with the screws after I added the glue. 

 All cuts or straight except for the V. Those need to be cut at an angle I use 22.5.  I use the table saw to cut my wood. However, you can use a miter saw, circular saw or get the people at the Home Depot to cut it for you.  If you choose to use the latter option they only cut straight lines so for at least the two pieces of wood which makes the v you need to cut those at angles.  

3.  Sand it
4. Paint it.
During construction I was able to attach all of the parts together myself.  However, when it came to the V I needed assistance to hold them together that's where your extra set of hands will come into play. 

My shelf it's made out of two parts and it does not stand on the floor which that was what I was going for. But after so much confusion and irritation I decided to just use it as a hanging shelf like you see on Pottery Barn website. 

Really you don't have to buy any type of hanging device to attach them on the wall. you can just simply add screws and hang it. But I did buy the hangy mechanism from Hobby Lobby in the frame section.

It maybe possible to build 2 shelves out of the wood (I did).  It only cost me around $5 bucks because I had everything else on hand.  It can be done for under $20!

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