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Wednesday, June 1

Saving a $ Buck Part 4

At Thrift Stores 
OK so now you know how I work my grocery/household items and saving on gas when it comes to couponing.  Here are some ways I coupon at Thrift Stores.

Last Chance Thrift Store Web Site

 So a new month is approaching and with that we could save some extra $$ on thrifting. Here is a link where I previously talked about couponing at thrift stores.

This particular store here in Atlanta has awesome deals.. 

Every Monday everything in the store is 1/2 off!
They have printable $2 off coupons for purchase over $10 which can be used on any day.
Throughout the rest of the week a particular color is 1/2 off
....another color is $.99

WHAT... HUH...

Lol.. yeah I know WHAT A SAVINGS HUH!

Let's not forget that many of the thrift stores now offer additional savings (50% off) on a particular color(s) each week!! 

 As well at the Goodwill every 1st weekend of the month everything in the store is 1/2 off!!
You can often find these additional % coupons off a purchase too!!

WHAT... HUH...

Who loves savings!.....

OH me do... me do!!

SOOOOO who has found a great deal at a Thrift Store lately?  Be nice... Share!

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