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Thursday, April 28

Last Chance Thrift Store

interior designer niki mcneill iida associate memberYesterday I had the chance to work with designer Nikki McNeil over at Single Bubble PoP the Nicholas House.  It was her 1st day working on her room so I decided to lend her a helping hand. 

Nikki is very energetic and thrilled to be working on her 6x9 ish room.  It contains one bunk bed for a mother and child of course who needs plenty of storage solutions.

After our work day was completed we had a great time at lunch.  Once we were stuffed we tagged teamed and headed in different directions to find some last minute finds.  I ventured across a new thrift store for me called Last Chance Thrift Store.

Last Chance Thrift Store Web Site
You can visit them online and print your coupon from here.

Well I was able to find a great credenza....

Minus the stuff on top and bottom..

 5'7L X 29"H X 22"D

with sliding doors

 Yep you guessed it.... sold to the fastest thrifter...Me..for a whopping $24.99...

I also found another gorgeous piece... this desk

The hardware is beautiful.. don't you think!
BUT yes there's a but.... I left it.. However,
I;m going back today with my coupon to snag this little beauty up....

Not only that... I also found a twin comforter for $24.99...

But with the help on my yellow tag giving me an additional 50% off I only paid $12.50.. I'll take it!

 And last but what certainly not least.. I bought a king size navy blue duvet cover for only $4.99...but once again I had help from my little friend Mr. Yellow Tag it to was 50% off..$2.50!!!  My plans are to make a couple of alterations so this little friend will meet the comforter!!

I'll post updates on all of the transformations show above.

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