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Sunday, June 5

I Gotta Spray Gun.... Yippeeee!

Well thanks to David at Home Right I was sent out this beauty to use on my renovation projects in Tennessee.  THANK YOU DAVID!!  

As soon as I knew I was getting one I went on the hunt for some fabulous finds.  The only thing I could think of was Dayka using her's with a mask covering her face...

LOL!!  Thanks for the inspiration Dayka!  If you haven't seen here before and after pics they're Awesome click here.

So while I was in Tennessee I visited the Goodwill on Saturday.  It was the first time I actually caught the 1/2 everything sale.  It happens once a month on the 1st Saturday.

I scored these two pieces

$49.99 bought 1/2 off at $24
$14.99bought 1/2 off at $7.50 

Couldn't wait to start spraying!!!

Here is the outcome of the 1st piece
 Not finished yet I'm deciding on what to do with the handles.
 What do you think?

  Have you scored any great pieces lately?

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