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Saturday, June 11

Painted Goodwill Find $24

So I'm still working on this beauty but I wanted to show you the space that it's going into
The project that I'm working on now is revamping my craftsmen style home in Chattanooga.  I plan on using all second hand items or items found on clearance.

  The brown and blue color combination has been re-painted with a gray.  The first room I am working on is the Den.
.  Now this room has served it's purpose but now I want to turn it into a bedroom....Here are a few more before and afters... 

Beautiful 8X10 rug isn't it.  I purchased it from Garden Ridge in Kennesaw, Ga for $99!

I want to go with an Eclectic Hollywood Regency look.  Although this is not a style that I have mastered and not quite sure how it will turn out but I'm giving it a shot.

Work in progress... that's actually a sofa.. Looking for a full size bed! Stay tuned for more updates...

I would love to hear your thoughts on this one!!


  1. This Idea was a good one. Spraying the dresser yellow gave it a sweet touch it gives me ideas of my own. That section of the room turned out nice, I like the rug and the wall color. :)

  2. Thanks Stephanie! The room is not yet complete so stay tuned!!

  3. You've got some skills! Can't wait to see the finished product...gotta follow because I'm always interested in ways to DIY up my home! :)

  4. Thanks High Heels! I love thrifting and even better when I find it at a great deal and all it needs is some TLC!!



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