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Wednesday, April 20

Poupadupa's House

Hi There!! I finally made back from my Miami project this weekend!  I have taken a few days to rest and relax.  But I'm up and running again!!

I want to take some time to talk to you about Poupadupa's House.  Poupadupa's House is my way of contributing back to others in need.  My overall goal this year is to help 6 families with redesigning one room in their home.  For more information see the My Contribution tab above.

Well I am happy to say that I am working with LaKeitha Duncan over at with the redesigning of a room at the Nicholas House.  The installation begins this Monday-Friday.  Everything that is needed for the space comes directly from the designers.  However, we have received some generous gifts from many of our readers.  THANK YOU!!!!!

Please take a few moments to view the space below...
Room Service Atlanta Bedroom project 001

The space is home to a family of 5: Mom, 3 girls, and 1boy....

Room Service Atlanta Bedroom project 005

As you can see the family needs plenty of storage solutions. 

Room Service Atlanta Bedroom project 007

Room Service Atlanta Bedroom project 003

(Aww no that's not my kid... it's a true Duncan kid in the picture! Isn't he cute!)

Room Service Atlanta Bedroom project 004

 My plan is to build a storage bed that looks like the base of this bed, sew a few pillows, throws, and maybe even build a few cabinets!!

We could really use your support by donating your time, gently used furnishings, or $1, $5 or any monetary gift that would help complete this space.  If you would like to donate please contact me below...


  1. Good luck to you and Lakeitha April. With your dedication and hard work I have no doubt that you will create a warm and inviting room for the family.

    Best of luck, hope you'll share all the details.

  2. just thought i'd let you know i'd linked you up :)



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