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Tuesday, April 26

Easter Weekend

Earth Day...Easter!!!
Hope you had a great weekend!!

I had a chance to spend some time with my mom and my new blog friend Lakeitha. We met up at Atlantic Station and low and behold they were having an Earth Day Fair. We were able to see some very creative designs. Like these chairs:


Neat HUH!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Yolanda at IWI.. That means "it is what it is"..
Yolanda makes all natural body sprays, facial creams and soaps!!

This is her squash face cream...

I also bought some all natural soap made from oatmeal, grits and honey!!

I couldn't resist... It smells soooo good!!!

I also found a vendor who made jewelry from vintage soda pops.

 I couldn't resist and bought a ring!! Lalala..

I also racked up on a couple plants, reuseable bags, a new recipe for Turkey Noodles and a nice lunch at Copeland's. We definitely had to stop by Zgallery, Garden Ridge and Ikea before my mom left. We had a great time.

Did your enjoy your Easter Weekend?

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