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Wednesday, April 13

The Thriftest Decor in America

The Thriftiest Décor in America 'Our Bedroom!'
Alrighty… here is the video tape that I sent to The Nate Show. Hopefully, they will be contacting me soon! Yippee… They were seeking the thriftiest people in America and hey I figured I was one of them. LOL! What do you think?
Any who here it is. I am showing the Master bedroom in my Chattanooga home. A little history behind that>>>… I met and married my husband Louis who is a professional Truck Driver several years ago.  I first saw him in Wendy’s on my lunch break and we just spoke. The following Sunday he was at my church.. or our church. Never saw this man before then. How ironic is that right!!   11 months later we were engaged!!!
So anyways…after church  we talked and I gave him a card and told him that I was an interior designer and that I also do weddings. He said “well I want need a wedding planner anytime soon but I could use your services for my house.”… and Lord was he right.

I also at the time had my own home which we are now renting (because I moved in with him).  It took him a while though before I saw his home. Maybe about 6 months after we had been dating!!! And boy were my eyes surprised.. he couldn’t been more right. SWEETY I LOVE YOU ANYWAYS!!  Here is the before picture.

Here are some before and after shots of the thrifted pieces!!
Watch the video and you’ll see a complete transformation!!

To view our wedding site click here

You can find several blogs that I posted on how to make the headboard, sunburst mirrors, chandelier, pendents and dresser
makeover (not updated yet).

  Look to the left under categories to find out how.

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