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Monday, January 17

Free Decorative Paper Weights

Free Decorative Paper weights.. 
Ok so remember a couple of blogs back I talked about making these...
Well I did and they were totally free!!  I already had some spray paint and I used some of moms left over pebbles she was using to recover her fireplace.  Yeaaaaa!!  And this is what the look like.... 

Now where to use them....mmmmm... well I figure they could be used as decorative accessories or paper weights.  Now I originally found them on but since then they have taken them off of the website.  The price was $18-$38 depending on the size... Right..I know..


Another simple project.  You can find these at ranging from $18-$38 (if available).  

To Too easy.  Purchase a bag of pebbles from the Dollar Tree and Silver spray paint.
Steps: do i have to....
Ok spray the pebbles and let dry... Done!! Lala...

So what do you think!! To leave a comment click the link at the top of the blog!!  View the entire process below!!

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