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Tuesday, January 18

Bargin Shopping @ Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores Yea!!
Ok so there are a ton of ways to find furniture and accessories for your home.  My biggest finds are from thrift and antique stores, yard and garage sales, craigslist and sometimes right outside.  Well today I'm going to talk about Thrift stores.  They come a dime a dozen and every city has one.  One of my favorites of course is the Goodwill.  Now there are others but usually they vary from city to city.  Today I am meeting up with my cousin Tina!  I haven't seen her in a while and will are just going to see what's out there.... Yea!!

However, here in Chattanooga, Tn there are a couple I just hop around too. 

Greater Good- Rossville Blvd
American Thrift Store- Lee Hwy
Goodwill- Hixson and East Ridge
Consignment/Thrift shop- next to the Balloon Factory on Brainerd Rd
Northside Thrift- behind Krystal's in North Chatt
Jr. League- Hixson next to Big lots
any many more....

- What do I look for when it comes to furniture?
    is the price right?
    is it good enough for me?
    color, texture, smell?
    what else can I use it for
    what can I do with this
Now I don't know if you knew this but I guess some thrift stores are even selling new furniture.  LOL I found this out when we visited the American Thrift Store.  Here are some pics and the prices are really shocking (in a good way see video below).
So I want to show you how you can use your imagination..  Pic on the left is of a gold arc lamp.. (throwback right) I think it cost about $15.  The right pic is from Chiasso it cost $228.  You know what you can do to get this look right.  Buy the item on the left and spray paint it.. Whooo who!! Same concept lower price...
Ok so I say to you again.. Wouldn't those shoes look great in my closet!! Lol I think so...

Now when we visited a shop in the Highland Park area on main street I purchased a dresser for $20 bucks.  There is also a great story behind this.... I originally saw this dresser a month or so ago and she was asking about $40 bucks for it.  And being the bargaineer that I am I already made up in my mind what I was willing to pay for a use dresser.  So I low balled it to $20 and she said the lowest she could go was $35 with no tax.  I walked away.  You see I was aimming for $25ish. 
Well what do you know a month or so later it was still there.  I walked in asked do you have any dressers and she led me straight to it.  Lol gotta love it.  So I asked the seller how much do you want for it and she said "oh I'll take $20 one of the handles are lose" and you know what said right.... RIGHT!!
Now this bad boy is heavy to death.  Once I inspected it I found the brand name was Foward 70- Broyhill.  Yep I'll take that.  It was as sturdy as a rock and heavier than a mountain..  Well my plans are to repaint it white and add to our bedroom.  It was exactly what I wanted.  Pics of that coming soon.


Goodwill Finds...


Here are a few tips for thrifty shopping:
  •   Know what you are going to spend- set aside a certain amt
  •   Know what you are looking for- right it down (ok i need...)
  •   Inspect the items shake it, rock it, sit on it- don't be afraid
  •   Just because the items are used doesn't mean you have to    accept how it is.  You can also chose to leave or ask for a reduction in price
  •   If you can buy it new for the same or a few $$ more leave it
  •   As well as, just because it's used that it will be perfect either
  •   Shop around first before you buy- don't wait to long bc someone else will come up right behind you and me
  •   Know what you are looking for- right it down (ok i need...)
  •   Use your imagination- if you need a dresser and tv stand find something that you can use for both or make a pillow out of a dress or a shower curtain can be your fabric- think outside the box
  •  Have fun and take a friend!!

On another note I no I haven't said anything about Hgtv Design Star.  But every year I say I'm going to apply and for some reason I don't.  Well this year I was late but I did.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.  In my next blog I will talk about some of the questions they as you as well the audition tape I sent them. 

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