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Monday, November 15

Great Family Weekend!!

Well I most say I had a good weekend.  As you know in the past 2 years I remarried the love of my life.  In doing so, my family grew from four (myself and 3kids) to 10 (my husband and his kids plus us.  So throughout the week it's pretty quiet.  On the other hand, on the weekends and during holidays it can be surely busy.


My 2 oldest which are boys Dominque and Marquise moved to Nashville to live with their father Alex and his wife and 2 kids just as I remarried my husband Louis.

(the tallest two in the back are my boys... the smallest two in the front are my boys from another

Louis my husband and Alex my ex-husband/ boys father.
My boys (laughing) are not really boys anymore.  They are 15 and 17... So I think its safe to say they are young men now.  It was very hard for me to let them go...but I did.  So not only has my family grown but it has also moved in many many was directions.  You may ask if we all get along. And the answer is yes.  Society says or often times make the impression that just because a family is not a "husband, wife and 2.5 kids" than its not right.  And others who have passed through or lives have left a bad imprint on us.  Well I'm here to tell you it's not always the case.  As you can see!

Now if you have read the about me page you may know that my youngest child Layla passed in 2001 at the age of 15 months.  She was a very beautiful child!! Who I miss everyday.  I'm not afraid to speak about her and she surely comes up in a conversation almost everyday. 

My husband and I do not have any kids together as of yet!!  But God works in mysterious ways.  It is now 2010 and she of course would be 10 years old this year.  She was the child that I wanted dearly.  I was ready to do anything to have a daughter.  I originally thought about adopting but through support of my friends and family and lots of prayer  I had her naturally. 

She had her own room before she was any conceived.  Pink walls, a white canopy bed, bears, toys, the whole works.  I was so excited and nervous at the same time.  You see I choose not to know the gender of my child during the pregnancy.  So it was a very happy surprise when she came after several hours of labor without any medication...weighing about 8lbs and beautiful as ever.  I remember they told me "you finally got what you wanted" and I said "you're're just saying that".  LOL..

I actually thought they were just trying to get me not to think about the pain.  Which it was.. OMG..  Well 15 months later a different kind of pain roared.  It took me and my family quite so time to deal with her passing.  I must admit that during that time I put up a block or wall you might say and wouldn't allow myself to get close anyone really. Over the course of the years I could see her in every child that passed my way.....

My Hubby!

When I met my husband in 2006, he had plenty of girls!!  Even though 5 years had past I wasn't really sure if I was ready to nurture GIRLS or even how to be a mom to any.  I mean lol girls are ..well girls.  They like to be like you... get into your clothes, makeup, jewelry, baking, cooking... well just be girls.  I just wasn't sure so when we spent time with them I allowed myself to be close but from a distance.  You have to remember my boys were my life and I know all about BOYS...YEP boys...the bugs, insects, dinosaurs, cars, lil men, dirt, sports... you know that kind of stuff.  Well it's all about timing...  Over the past couple of years we become close.  I started to look forward to seeing them and they do too.  Tae'kia and Enasha are a year apart.  Tae'kia being the oldest of the youngest set is 9....only one year younger than my daughter Layla.  So you see God does work in mysterious ways.

To make a long story short this weekend was one of those weekends that was just great...I woke up to the sound of ..... yep that's right.. nothing.  The kids were gone with the father and gran father.  They eventually ventured back by noon and then we all held down to our studio in Atlanta.  I stopped by the Dollar Tree and Krogers to pick up a few items to hold us through the weekend.  Saturday we baked individual homemade pizzas for dinner and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Once we ate.. they kids served bowls of french vanilla ice cream with a cookie on the side topped with carmel.  MMMMMM delicious!!  By then I was a little exhausted. 

 My husband lit the fireplace and thanks to Publix for the free coloring books they have at the front of the store (which I had on hand just for them) settled them down for the evening. 

Sunday my husband fixed a wonderful breakfast...mmmm pancakes bacon and grits with OJ of course.  We napped off an on throughout the day.  The girls are really amazed at all the girly stuff I have. LOL.  So we went through a ton of jewelry I rarely use.  While we were doing our busy stuff my husband fixed spaghetti for dinner.. It was deeeelicious!!!  By the time they left they had a bag full each to take home.  Now the 3rd of the youngest set of kids is Cincere who is a boy.  Now you know I know all about boys, but in his case (poor Cincere he's only 5) my boys are in Nashville and I no longer have the boy stuff.  He just kinda hangs around watching us do things.  But I was able to find one of his dads old wallets, a car and so Axe for men... Needless to say.. he was happy with that. 

Now it's quiet again.....

But not to worry while I was out at the Dollar Tree I found a couple of items that I thought were worth mentioning.  Not only did they have the individual pizza crust, sauce, pepperoni and cookies I found these....
And these....
I'll show you what I did with them in my next blog....

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